$10,000 Mistake Reveals Secret to Winning 93% of Trades

Yesterday I kicked off the Options Boot Camp with Andy Crowder, and it was a roaring success. His exclusive Training #2 goes LIVE tomorrow:

Options Strategy Session: Copy My Trading Playbook
With 5 Simple Strategies

You’re going to see the top five PROVEN strategies that deliver 80% to 93% winning trades. Click here for access – it’s completely free.
Before tomorrow’s live training, you’ve got to catch up with Training #1. You’ll discover the RULES for trading, the three-step trading process, how to manage and reduce risk, and Andy’s No. 1 trading indicator.
Your video replay is right here (no registration required).
Let me tell you a bit more about exactly what you can expect to learn in the video.

Inside Options Boot Camp Training #1

4 Minutes: Let’s start with the GOAL of the webinar: to show you how to earn $1,393 in monthly income payments over the next 12 months, without complicated trades.
10 Minutes: Andy explains how he LOST more than $10,000 by making a HUGE mistake. He was BUYING options, and initially made money. He then increased the size of his trades, and within a couple of weeks lost everything. That early experience has helped him discover the No. 1  rule for success: NEVER BUY OPTIONS.
28 Minutes: The stock market can underperform for long periods of time, even more than 10 years. Andy says, “Investors are at the mercy of the investing gods,” when it comes to long-term investing. Investors must have a strategy for making money, EVEN if the market moves sideways or declines for an extended period of time.
30 Minutes: Speculators guess the direction of a security . . . whereas the best traders use calculations – something called probabilities – to determine the likelihood of winning a trade. This lets them make informed decisions, with a true sense of the potential outcomes.
31 Minutes: Selling options makes sense because we can WIN 70% to 90% of trades. And if you WIN more trades, your account can grow in ANY type of market.
39 Minutes: Andy uses three steps for making winning trades. Step #1: Use ONLY highly liquid stocks and ETFs. He shares his list of ETFs inside the video.
42 Minutes: Step #2 is to pick a few indicators, and use them religiously. Andy’s favorite is Mean-Reversion. He uses the Relative Strength Index (RSI) to determine if an ETF is “overbought” or “oversold.” He even tells you what RSI levels he’s looking for, before making a trade.
48 Minutes: Finally, Step #3 is to find a trade with a high probability of success. At a minimum, look for a 68% chance of expiring out of the money. Most trades are in the category of 80% to 90% chance of success. Again, it’s all about the math.
54 Minutes: Risk management is KEY to success. If you don’t have a strict plan in place, you’ll lose your shirt. Account size and position sizing is key to managing the risk inside a portfolio.
55 Minutes: The chance of going bankrupt with a 5% allocation per trade is 1 in 3.49 billion! So, if you keep your trades small, you have a VERY small risk of losing your capital.
Now that you’ve seen what’s inside Training #1, it’s time to get on board with Options Boot Camp Training #2.
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With 1,159 people attending Training #1, this was our most popular trading event of 2017!
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