Trump Advisor Says U.S. Can Still Win 5G Technology Race

One of President Trump’s trusted advisors says . . . America can WIN the 5G technology race.
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Fox News just released a letter from Stephen Moore titled . . .
“The 5G global technology race is vital for our future – here’s how America can still win it.”
Moore is a well-known economist who served as an advisor to President Trump. In fact, he even helped draft the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act legislation.
The big concern is that the U.S. hasn’t made enough spectrum available to the wireless carriers. And without this spectrum, they won’t be able to rollout 5G nationwide.
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The Federal Communications Commission wants to force satellite companies to auction off spectrum that they own. And this would allow the wireless companies to purchase the spectrum that they require.
Sounds good. Right?
That’s because President Trump’s enemies in Congress think the U.S. government should receive the cash from the upcoming spectrum auctions.
It’s estimated that the auctions will bring in $10 billion – $30 billion!
Remember that the satellite companies currently own this wireless spectrum. And they aren’t planning to give it up for free.
If the FCC attempts to take this asset – without compensation – there will be a lengthy legal fight.
That could delay the nationwide rollout of 5G technology by up to four years!
Inside the Fox Business op-ed, Moore recommends that the U.S. government and the satellite companies split the cash from the spectrum auctions.
That would adequately compensate the private owners of the spectrum. And it would satisfy the critics in Congress who think the government should get a piece of the action.
Most importantly, it would help assure that 5G rolls out across America in 2020.
President Trump knows that 5G technology is the biggest tech development of the last decade. Globally, 5G is expected to generate $3.5 trillion in revenues. And it’s expected to create 22 million jobs.
So, President Trump won’t allow the short-sighted folks in Congress to derail his 5G initiatives.
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