Wyatt Research Week-in-Review: August 10-16

Want evidence that the sky hasn’t fallen yet on Wall Street? All you have to do is look at what our analysts were covering this week at Wyatt Investment Research.
Tech stocks, IPOs, even penny stocks were among our major topics of discussion this week. The waters are still warm enough to add some risk to your portfolio. Despite some obvious headwinds – especially with all the geopolitical turmoil in places like Ukraine, Iraq and the Gaza Strip – this rally ain’t over yet. Stocks have stabilized since taking an abrupt dive two weeks ago.
When will the investing tide turn? Who knows? Until it happens, it’s premature to load up on bonds and dividend stocks and go hide in a bunker somewhere. Even in an overbought market, it’s okay to go for the occasional big winner.
Toward that end, we’ve identified a number higher-risk stocks and strategies that have the potential to net you Wall Street’s next big winner. Here were some of our best ideas from this week – mixed in with several lower-risk ideas for the more risk-averse investor.
Is It Time to Rescue this Dividend Dog?– To find higher yields, you have to increase your risk by looking outside the blue chips. Take caution when investing in Atlantic Power Corp. (NYSE: AT), however.
An Easy Way to Get the Details on a New IPO– Before a company can offer its shares to the public, it must file a registration statement with the SEC. This is where you can find all the details on the company, including whether an IPO is a firm commitment or a best-efforts offering.
How Facebook Can Beat Google– There are plenty of battles being fought in the high-tech world of the Internet. One of the most interesting battles being waged is between Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) and Facebook (NASDAQ:FB).
Hospital Stocks: Five Ways to Profit from Obamacare– Obamacare has essentially been a logistical nightmare since its inception. But it has been a boon for one very specific sector of the stock market.
Look Before You Leap: How to Implement a Penny Stock Strategy– Every now and then it is very tempting to dive into a penny stock. And personally speaking, I find that at least wading into the penny stock pool can be very interesting, and occasionally lucrative.
Five Reasons Individual Investors Can Beat the Pros– The market favors the individual investor. You hold a number of advantages over the professional you likely haven’t considered. Five spring immediately to mind.
Don’t Follow Warren Buffett, Invest In this Oil CompanyBillionaire Warren Buffett is one of the best-known and widely followed investors in the world. And for good reason. He has handily beaten the market for nearly half a century. However, even the very best can get it wrong.
Why More Companies Should Follow Apple’s Lead– For years, Apple was accused of being stingy with its massive cash stockpile. Now that the richest company in the world is finally sharing, it’s no coincidence that its stock has taken off.
Three Value Dividend Stocks You Don’t Know Are High Yield– Special dividends are excluded from the stated dividend policy, but they occur with sufficient regularity that investors can factor them into the equation when calculating yield.
Thanks for making us part of your weekend. Throughout the week, please make sure to visit WyattResearch.com for the information you need to know and opinions you need to read to become a better investor.

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