Wyatt Research Week-in-Review: August 3-9

Stocks were essentially flat this week. In the wake of the previous week’s drop-off, we should consider that a victory.
A sky-is-falling mentality crept into investors’ collective psyche after stocks had their worst week in more than two years in the final week of July. But the S&P 500 stabilized enough this week – ending with some nice gains on Friday – to convince even the most pessimistic of investors to hold off on pushing the panic button just yet. Perhaps that 3% pullback was more temporary blip than the beginning of the end for this bull rally.
Whatever happens next on Wall Street, we have you covered. If you believe stocks are headed for choppier waters then we have a way to “Protect Your Portfolio.” Conversely, if you think last week’s pullback was little more than an aberration, then we have ideas on how to invest in higher-risk areas such as emerging markets and Canada.
All of it was part of our coverage at Wyatt Investment Research this week. Here’s what else was on our minds:
Beware Excessive Cash-Outs in IPO Investing– It is never a good idea to invest on hunches, rumors and hot tips. Similarly, it’s too risky to go all-in on stocks that just gained listing via an IPO without first doing your homework.
If You Don’t Know the ‘9th Wonder’ of Investing, You Don’t Know What You’re Missing– I doubt any of you are familiar with the “9th Wonder” – a term of recent vintage and of my own coinage. The 9th Wonder refers to the ability to grow wealth and income over time through dividend investing.
Protect Your Portfolio Gains – The Easy Way– An Argentine default, ongoing geopolitical concerns and a market that has seen considerable gains without hesitation over the past five years has finally led to a short-term reprieve. Who knows if the decline will continue . . .  but you should be prepared just in case.
Global Conflict? Invest In Gold Mining– Gold is one of the major proxies for fear. No one likes global conflict, but when it’s on the rise, gold prices tend to increase. Investors flock to safety, and gold is considered the ultimate safe haven.
The Four Best Dividend Stocks to Buy in August– To protect yourself against an eventual mass correction – whether it comes next week or next year – it’s wise to have some income exposure in your portfolio. And it’s even wiser to have exposure to stocks that have been consistently growing their dividends.
Investing in Emerging Markets (Infographic)-For investors curious about emerging markets, this infographic is a great stepping stone to learning how to successfully invest overseas.
Why the European Debt Crisis Matters Again– At some point in the last couple years, Wall Street simply stopped paying attention to Europe’s financial problems. That appeared to change last week.
The Best Way to Invest Above the 49th Parallel– As investors, we often hear about the potential in Europe, Asia, Latin America or even Africa. But rarely do you hear investors discuss the prospects for becoming a shareholder above the 49th parallel.
Thanks for making us part of your weekend. Throughout the week, please make sure to visit WyattResearch.com for the information you need to know and opinions you need to read to become a better investor.

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