The Best Marijuana Stocks to Buy in 2017

What I’m about to tell you about marijuana stocks is probably different than anything you’ve ever heard before.marijuana-stock
If you hear me out though, you could get in on the very few, but sizeable opportunities in marijuana.
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Plus, I can help you avoid some major pain when this bubble passes (yes, it’s a bubble).
As of now, I can now tell you with complete confidence the marijuana industry is a minefield.
I didn’t reach this conclusion lightly.
It has taken months to figure out.
My team and I have put in more than 10,000 miles flying back and forth across North America.
We’ve been meeting with top marijuana analysts and entrepreneurs to scope out the entire industry. And all this time and expense will be more than worth it.
You see, the one thing I realized is that the marijuana industry is set to go through a major upheaval.
There are marijuana businesses doomed to fail and others that are headed for 500%+ growth . . . some of which may soon be worth billions of dollars.
The key will be determining which is which.
Here’s how I’ve figured out the real deals from the imposters and the only two big opportunities I see in marijuana stocks today.

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Best Marijuana Stocks and the Big Money

Right now, the big money investors — institutional investors who deploy billions of dollars in capital every day and really drive stocks and markets — are largely on the sidelines when it comes to the marijuana boom.
They see a lot of risk for limited rewards.
However, they have found ONLY two specific niches within marijuana with years of growth ahead and big potential profits for early investors.
The first is in marijuana biotech.
Marijuana has been used for centuries as a treatment for many chronic conditions. It has very real medicinal benefits to users. A handful of companies have developed marijuana-derived pharmaceuticals for treating things like epilepsy and chemotherapy-induced lack of appetite.
The second opportunity is in international marijuana markets.
The changes in a few states to marijuana regulations has gotten most of the attention. But the U.S. is far behind many other countries when it comes to legalizing marijuana production and allowing widespread use.
Big money has financed a few billion dollars’ worth of international marijuana companies that are already building brands, customer bases and operations.
Over the next couple of days, I’m going to show you where and how the best marijuana stocks and opportunities exist.
Again, it won’t be like what you’re hearing elsewhere. But I haven’t been successful in investment research business for 15 years by going along with the crowd.
You’ll like what you see. Stay tuned.
Spoiler alert: cannabis is a key ingredient.
Good investing,
Ian Wyatt

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