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Forget politics! It looks like cryptocurrencies were the hot topic at the Thanksgiving table.bitcoin mining
Coinbase – a leading bitcoin exchange – became the #1 app in the Apple AppStore over the weekend. That was followed by bitcoin making its latest move higher over the weekend.
Since Saturday, the world’s leading cryptocurrency has added 1,500-points.
Yesterday, bitcoin rocketed higher to set a new record high at $9,793. That’s a 69% jump in the last month!
Most folks who want to buy a cryptocurrency have to go out and BUY bitcoin on an exchange.
Yet, an exclusive group of tech companies don’t have to BUY bitcoin. Instead, they get paid for “mining” the cryptocurrency.
What is Bitcoin Mining?
Let me try to explain this in the simplest terms.
With conventional banks – or any monetary transaction – there is a “centralized ledger.”
What this means is that one financial institution – such as your bank – is responsible for the recordkeeping.  It keeps track of account balances, credits and debits.
With cryptocurrencies that use the blockchain, you can throw the centralized ledger out the window.
Instead, they use something called the “distributed ledger.”
This simply refers to the fact that the ledger of transactions is shared, updated and verified by multiple servers. These servers update the blockchain and verify the authenticity and validity of transactions.
Now, all of this requires considerable computing horsepower. And since there isn’t any Bitcoin Inc. running the whole thing, someone has to provide these services.
When Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin, he designed it to encourage techies to help support the new cryptocurrency.
Bitcoin miners provide the ongoing computing power required to continually update the bitcoin ledger every 10 minutes.
As a reward for solving mathematical calculations, bitcoin miners receive a reward in the form of newly created bitcoins.
This means that crypto miners – as a result of providing the computing power required to support the currency – get paid for their efforts with newly minted coins.
Now, mining for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies is a competitive business.
But with bitcoin now approaching $10,000, it’s also becoming much more rewarding.
One small company is setting up a brand new crypto-mining operation in Washington state. In fact, it’s already secured a new tech center and is getting ready to install 2,000 bitcoin mining servers within the coming weeks.
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