Goodbye Bitcoin — Say Hello to Blockchain Technology

Ouch! The price of a single Bitcoin has crashed 55.4% since late December.
That led The Washington Post to write, “R.I.P. Bitcoin. It’s time to move on.”
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Check out this chart – it shows the Bitcoin crash.
blockchain technology
After the crash, Bitcoin’s market value stands at $146 BILLION. Bitcoin has a 44% market share among cryptocurrencies.
Negativity around Bitcoin is spreading. CNBC reports, “Bitcoin is unfolding like the dot-com crash – just 15 times faster.”
In 2017, Bitcoin was a speculator’s dream. In 2018, it’s turned into an absolute nightmare. But it’s not all bad news.
There remains one HUGE opportunity for early investors (click here for big profits).
It’s known as the blockchain.
The blockchain is the underlying technology that supports Bitcoin.

Blockchain Technology In the Spotlight

Here’s what Alex Tapscott says in Blockchain Revolution. “The blockchain is an incorruptible digital ledger of economic transactions. It can record financial transactions and virtually everything of value.”
Bitcoin has brought blockchain technology to entrepreneurs and venture capitalists in Silicon Valley . . . and more importantly, to corporate boardrooms across the country.

  • Walmart: The nation’s #1 retailer applies for a patent. It plans to use blockchain technology to create the perfect package delivery system.
  • IBM & Maersk: The partners are forming a new blockchain company to help shippers track containers.
  • Amazon: Amazon Web Services is rolling out blockchain solutions.
  • Google: The king of search is working on its own blockchain technology
  • Starbucks: A pilot program called “bean to cup” is tracking coffee from Costa Rica, Colombia and Rwanda.

And the list goes on.
It’s not surprising to see technology companies embracing blockchain technology . . . plus, non-tech companies getting in on the action.
Blockchain tracks the movement of goods and the transfer of payments. And it’s soon going to be the status quo at America’s biggest companies.
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North America’s #1 growth sector is legal cannabis. It’s currently a $50 billion market that’s transforming into a legal marketplace.
The next major milestone is this August. That’s when Canada expects to legalize cannabis for recreational use.
This new blockchain technology could help Canadian cannabis companies meet strict government rules.
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