Canadian ‘Pot Stock’ Halted on Major News

Yesterday, trading in a $1 Canadian cannabis stock was HALTED . . .
Because at 3:13 p.m. this news hit the newswires:

Canopy Growth to Acquire Hiku Brands

The “Canadian Buyout Boom” of 2018 is officially underway!
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Canopy Growth (NYSE: CGC) is a major player in Canadian cannabis.  It’s the biggest company – with a $7.8 billion market value.
Canopy Growth will acquire 100% of Hiku Brands (CNXS: HIKU) at C$1.91 per share. The deal values Hiku at $269 million.
Hiku shares were trading at C$1.46 at 1 p.m. – before the stock was halted.
Shareholders of Hiku will get a 31% premium from yesterday’s share price!
Canopy expands its footprint with this acquisition. Hiku had secured approval to open retail stores in Alberta and Manitoba.
Hiku has a strong “brand presence” in Canada. Canopy realizes that “branding” cannabis is key to customer retention. And it’s looking to buy up more brands with a loyal following.
Maybe you missed out on Hiku . . . but don’t worry. Because . . .

The Canadian Buyout Boom of 2018 is Underway

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This deal is simply the latest M&A activity in the legal cannabis market.
The North American market is growing from $8 billion in 2018 . . . to over $100 billion! The growing industry is attracting lots of capital and talent.
The industry leaders – like Canopy Growth – want to secure their positions.
So, they’re quick to use their stock – and attractive financing – to buy out other companies. Right now, they’re focused on either complimentary companies or those that pose a threat.
For example, in May Aurora Cannabis announced plans to acquire MedReleaf for C$3.2 billion (US$2.51 billion). And there have been many others:

  • Aphria acquired Broken Coast Cannabis for $185 million
  • Canopy Growth took out Mettrum Health for $283 million
  • Aphria acquired Nuuvera for $670 million
  • Aurora Cannabis bought CanniMed for $852 million

The Canadian buyout boom is underway. And it’s happening RIGHT NOW.
Buying these three small Canadian cannabis stocks is the best way to profit.
These M&A deals have paid investors HUGE overnight profits – ranging from 21% to 181%!
Unfortunately, most investors either own:

  1. BIG players like Canopy Growth
  2. Diversified ETFs in the sector
  3. Tiny stocks trading for under $1

NONE of these are great buyout targets.
They’re either too big or too small.
That means you’re probably missing the best buyout targets. Because companies that get acquired typically trade between $1 to  $5 per share. And they’re valued at $100 million  to $500 million BEFORE they’re acquired.
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Ian Wyatt
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