Here’s Why Canadian Pot Stocks Will Skyrocket

On Nov. 10, Canada announced a tax plan for legal cannabis.Canadian pot stocks
The news sent Canadian pot stocks surging as much as 15% on the news . . . in a single trading session.
Pot stocks are getting ready to jump before complete legalization in 2018. That makes right now the time to BUY these stocks.
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The tax plan from Canada’s Department of Finance calls for a C$1 tax per gram of cannabis or 10% of the price-per gram. The government will – of course – collect whichever amount is higher.
Right now, cannabis is selling around C$8 per gram. And that means the C$1 tax would be in effect (that’s $0.79 USD).
Bill Blair is the former Toronto chief of police who is spearheading legalization for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. He says that tax revenues could top C$1 billion annually.
The government is interested in the new revenue stream from recreational cannabis. However,  it is keeping the tax relatively low in order to keep prices competitive with the black market.
Canada’s 10% tax is less than the 15% that California will impose on all sales of weed, effective Jan. 1.
Stocks rallied on the news, which was another important step toward full legalization. The Department of Finance also confirmed the July 1, 2018, timeline for legalizing recreational use of cannabis.
Right now, I’m seeing the early stages of increased interest in this sector. Within the next couple of months, I expect shares of the best Canadian pot stocks could jump 100% to 300%.
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How to Buy Canadian Pot Stocks

Canada is the first country that’s legalizing cannabis on a nationwide basis. There’s clear alignment between the prime minister and parliament. And individual provinces are moving forward to embrace legalization.
It’s a stark contrast from the U.S., where 20 states have legalized cannabis use in one form or another. Meanwhile, President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions are critical of weed and threaten to enforce federal laws that have been largely ignored by prosecutors at the state and federal level.
With legalization underway in Canada, many companies in the sector are able to operate as legitimate business.
They’re able to raise millions from investment banks and investors. And they’re able to take their shares public on the Toronto Stock Exchange and the TSX Venture Exchange.
For American investors, it’s difficult to buy shares of international stocks. That’s because many brokerage firms only allow trading in stocks that are listed in the U.S.
The good news is that many of Canada’s best pot stocks (click here) are also listed Over the Counter (OTC BB). That makes them available for investors using online brokers such as TD Ameritrade, Fidelity and E*Trade.
By purchasing U.S.-listed shares, investors avoid the complications related to foreign transactions, including exchange rates and taxes.

A Big Move for the Sector

Now’s the best time to get invested in this sector.
Canada’s pot stocks are moving higher as investors anticipate legalization in 2018.
Accounting firm Deloitte estimates that the market is going to be worth C$4.9 billion to C$8.7 billion annually.
That’s a big business, and it’s taking off RIGHT NOW.
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