409% Profits from Last Week’s Cannabis IPO

The market for legal cannabis stocks is absolutely on fire! Last week, IPO investors had a chance at quick profits of 409% . . . in less than two weeks.
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Here’s what I’m talking about. On Nov. 1, a small company called Delta 9 (TSXV: NINE) started trading.
Delta 9 is one of 73 legally operating licensed producers in Canada. The small company – founded by a father and son from Manitoba – was the   fourth company to legally sell medical marijuana in the country.
Today, Delta 9 operates an 80,000-square-foot facility and employs just 28 full-time employees. The company’s 20 strands of cannabis are used by 2,000 medical patients.
Delta 9 currently produces 1,000 kg of cannabis per year. The company plans to increase that production to 17,000 kg by 2020. Assuming a price of $8 per gram, it’s reasonable to expect that Delta 9 can generate annual sales of C$136 million within 3 years.
Unusual IPO Transaction
Unlike most IPOs, Delta 9 started trading via a “reverse takeover.” That means that the company merged with publicly traded shell company in order to quickly go public.
In conjunction with the transaction, Delta 9 raised C$5.2 million in a private placement. Those “IPO shares” were bought by investors at C$0.65.
When shares started trading at C$1.50, those IPO investors were elated. But what happened next with this cannabis IPO was even better…
By the end of last week, shares were trading at C$2.93. And this morning, the stock was at C$3.31.
That means the cannabis IPO investors are now sitting on a 409% gain . . . in less than two weeks.
Think about that: a small $5k investment could grow to be worth more than $25,400 in just two weeks.
After the private placement, Delta 9 has a market capitalization of C$216 million. That’s a rich valuation for a company with limited production. Additionally, the $5 million cash infusion from the private placement will definitely not be sufficient to grow production to 17,000 kg. In order to hit that target, Delta 9 will be forced to raise at least $20 million to $30 million of additional capital.
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Pot Stock Briefing

Ready or Not, Legal Marijuana Use Is Coming to Canada
The New York Times published a big story on the legalization movement in Canada. Here are some highlights:
“Proposing legislation to legalize the recreational use of marijuana was the easy part for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. With about eight months to go before Canada becomes the second nation after Uruguay to take this step, the federal government and the provinces are staring at a formidable to-do list.
Working out most of the details affecting consumers is largely up to the 10 provinces. But only three — Alberta, Ontario and New Brunswick — have offered any idea of how they will operate and regulate their marijuana markets.
In most of the country, it is still unclear whether marijuana will be sold only in government-run stores. And most provinces have yet to decide the amount of marijuana that individuals will be able to possess or grow.”
Bill Blair – the former chief of police in Toronto – has been tapped by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to oversee legalization. He’s confident that the federal and provincial governments can hit the July 1 deadline.
Canopy Growth Sales +107%
Canada’s largest cannabis company reports that quarterly sales grew 107% in the latest quarter. The company reported a net loss of $0.01 per share

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Market Snapshot

Weekly Performance (Monday – Thursday):
North American Index: +3.3%
Horizon Medical Marijuana ETF: +3.1%
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