This Week: Pot Stock IPO Ready to Launch

This week, another brand-new Canadian cannabis stock IPO is scheduled to begin trading.
This market-leading company is the REAL DEAL: it has a nearly a 20% market share, triple digit revenue growth and considerable profit.
With this week’s cannabis IPO, the company will secure its dominant position. With plans to expand its production by four times, you can expect explosive growth.
Remember: Canada’s recreational market is going to open up on July 1, 2018. That means this top player will be positioned for the growing market.
There’s been a lot of hype around legal cannabis stocks. This has included some very small and very early-stage companies that are trying to capitalize on the excitement around the industry.
Frankly, some of those companies are simply “selling a story.”
This week’s cannabis IPO is a major player. Go right here for access.
The ticker symbol has been issued  ̶  and stock trading is expected to start tomorrow or Thursday.
This week’s briefing is the FINAL chance to get details before the cannabis IPO starts trading.
Click here for complete access.
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