Oklahoma Voters Approve Cannabis Legalization

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On Tuesday, Oklahoma became the 30th state in the union to legalize medical marijuana.canadian cannabis
The ballot measure passed by a 57% to 43% margin.
Doctors in Oklahoma can prescribe cannabis for ANY medical condition.
Other states typically specify conditions for which cannabis can be prescribed.
This approval says a lot about the state of marijuana in America.
Oklahoma is a deeply red state. Republicans have carried the vote in every presidential election since 1968. For example, in the 2016 election Donald Trump gathered 65% of the votes.
Even conservative states are getting behind cannabis legalization.
Nationally, 94% of Americans support the legalization of medical marijuana. Meanwhile, two-thirds of Americans believe cannabis should be legal for recreational use.
That’s encouraging politicians – especially Democrats – to jump on the bandwagon for cannabis legalization.
Yesterday New York Senator Chuck Schumer introduced a bill to decriminalize cannabis. And New Jersey Senator Corey Booker has a proposal for full cannabis legalization.
Legalization continues to move forward at the state level.
Vermont cannabis legalization goes into effect on July 1.
Meanwhile, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Rhode Island, South Dakota and Utah could vote on legal weed in the November elections.
The legalization movement is rapidly sweeping across the U.S. It’s creating the fastest-growing sector of America’s economy.
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