Cannabis Sales: This Company Reports 201% Growth

Sales of cannabis in Canada are surging – even before recreational cannabis sales come online.cannabis boom
In Canada, medical cannabis is legal nationwide. And that’s driving considerable growth for the industry.
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One of the biggest and fastest-growing companies is Aurora Cannabis (TSX: ACB).
The company reported 201% cannabis sales growth in the last quarter . . . with total sales topping $11.7 million.
The skeptics claim that cannabis is “all hype.” I don’t know about you, but sales at an annualized $45 million run rate doesn’t seem like hype to me.
While 201% growth is downright impressive – there are other companies growing even more quickly. These include CannTrust (CNSX: TRST), which saw its sales jump 680% in the latest quarter.
Now, this impressive sales growth is ONLY from medical marijuana.
Starting on July 1 in Canada, recreational cannabis will be sold to anyone who is at least 18 years old.
This study from Deloitte indicates that 22% of Canadians consume cannabis recreationally. That’s why they estimate that this market could be $4.9 to $8.7 billion.
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Pot Stock Briefing

Canopy Growth to Operate Retail Stores
Canada’s most valuable cannabis stock has been selected by the Government of Manitoba to operate cannabis retail locations. Along with partner Delta 9, Canopy was one of four companies selected to operate retail stores.
Aurora Cannabis Invests in Liquor Stores
Aurora Cannabis is investing $103.5 million in Liquor Stores Ltd (TSX: LIQ). Liquor Stores plans to launch new stores and convert existing locations into cannabis sores in Alberta. Aurora paid $15 per share, a premium to the recent share price of $12, and now owns 20% of the company.
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In 2018, Canada is going to make cannabis sales completely legal.
You’ll be able to buy it at a convenience store… just like a six-pack of beer or a pack of gum.
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Market Snapshot

Weekly Performance (Monday – Thursday):
North American Index: -3.0%
Horizon Medical Marijuana ETF: -3.3%
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