Dow 20,000 Sparks the IPO Boom of 2017

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For the first time, the Dow Jones Industrial Average crossed the 20,000 mark yesterday. The S&P 500 and Nasdaq Composite also rallied to new highs.
These new highs reflect Wall Street euphoria for President Donald Trump’s plans: lower corporate taxes, big infrastructure spending and less regulation. This trifecta of pro-business policies has fueled the recent rally.
The Dow has already jumped 9% since Trump won the 2016 presidential election. And with an optimistic outlook on Wall Street and Main Street, those gains could extend in the months ahead.
Right now, a select group of private companies are getting ready to profit from the bull market by going public. Now is the time to get ready for a wave of upcoming IPOs.
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Everyone knows that Silicon Valley is not friendly with The Donald. In fact, Trump’s only public friend in the valley is PayPal (NASDAQ: PYPL) founder Peter Thiel. The libertarian venture capitalist also made a fortune investing in Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) before the social media site went mainstream.
Smart Silicon Valley companies will capitalize on the market’s optimism, and go public in 2017. And that’s why some of the most attractive companies are quietly getting ready to launch IPOs.
Recent IPOs have been doing very well. In the last 90 days, the average IPO is up 16% from its offering price. And 65% of offerings are posting positive gains.
Those gains   ̶  and new highs for the stock market   ̶   will embolden more companies to file for initial public offerings soon.
One company called AppDynamics had filed for a +$1 billion IPO. But before it could proceed, Cisco (NASDAQ: CSCO) swooped in and bought the company for $3.7 billion!
That was a huge 94% premium to the AppDynamics latest financing. And two of the company’s early venture capital investors made more than 100x returns.
Unfortunately, you won’t be able to buy AppDynamics stock in an upcoming IPO.
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An IPO boom is expected in 2017.  Here’s a list of five top private companies that could IPO:

  • Lyft: $5.5 billion valuation
  • Spotify: $8.5 billion valuation
  • Snapchat: $17.8 billion valuation
  • Airbnb: $20 billion valuation
  • Uber: $68 billion valuation

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