The One Question You MUST Ask Next Earnings Season

34 Days, Seven Trades, 108.5% Profits.earnings season profits
That’s what we made during last earnings season . . .
Using one simple strategy.
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I have an important question for you.
Are you prepared for the upcoming earnings season starting next month?
If not, well, you better get ready NOW.
After one of the worst years in a decade, investors are faced, once again, with a report on the health of the overall economy.
Last earnings season was robust, yet Mr. Market didn’t really care. Since then, the market has gained zero ground.
Economists, analysts and more importantly, individual investors are all debating the overall health of the economy.

  • Will China’s slump hurt America’s business?
  • What’s the mood of American consumers?
  • What’s the impact of rising wages and other costs?
  • Will executives sit on their hands when it comes to hiring and capital investments?

But while others are debating these topics, I’m only concerned with one question:
How can I use earnings season to make profitable trades?
Years ago, it made no sense to trade earnings. Because of numerous limitations, trading earnings announcements just didn’t make sense from an efficiency standpoint.
Well, things have changed.
Thanks to innovations like 52 weekly expiration cycles . . .  a variety of new, highly liquid tradeable products . . . and the clarity a once-unknown calculation now provides . . . we have the opportunity to earn big earnings season profits from earnings news with a series of overnight trades.
One of the key tools I use to make profitable trades during earnings season: expected move.
What is expected move?
It’s the price movement the market expects during a given expiration cycle. It’s the key to successfully trading earnings announcements. Fortunately, now we have tools that allow us to see, in real time, the expected move for any given underlying stock around an earnings announcement.
Knowing the expected move prior to a stock’s earnings announcement allows us to use a high-probability strategy – a strategy that has allowed us to make a 572.3% return since I introduced the strategy 18 months ago.
And this strategy is reliable: We’ve made 64 trades in total with a 79.7% win ratio.
Best of all, we don’t need to predict whether the stock’s price will go up or down. We make big earnings season profits either way – usually in 24 hours or less.
Last earnings season, during one of the most volatile periods in the last decade, we made 108.5% profits in just 34 days.
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