Goldman Sachs: Uber IPO Is 100% Sold Out

 Frankly, I wasn’t surprised to see the news . . .Uber IPO
Bloomberg reports that Uber’s initial public offering next week is 100% full. That means every single Uber IPO share is spoken for.
Don’t worry . . .  this is actually great news for you.
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There appears to be huge demand for shares of the world’s No. 1 ridesharing company. After a 60-minute meeting with institutional investors in London . . .
Investors already committed over $8.4 billion for the Uber IPO.
The investment bankers at Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley call it an “oversubscribed IPO.” And that simply means there is more demand to buy shares than there is available supply.
Now, this is great news for two groups.
First, Uber the company will benefit.
Strong investor demand in the Uber IPO means that the company could increase the IPO offering price. The current proposed share price is in a range of $44 to $50 per share. And the company would be valued at around $83 billion.
Uber’s bankers may recommend bumping up the share price into the low $50s. That would result in even more cash flowing into Uber’s bank accounts.
Second, early Uber investors stand to make a fortune.
Uber’s founder, CEO and employees will get rich in the Uber IPO.
Plus, early investors have had a chance to buy shares for pennies on the dollar. So, the venture capitalists and wealthy investors will also get rich.
For example, Amazon founder Jeff Bezos could earn over $1.3 billion in profits. That’s because he’s estimated to have invested over $5 million when Uber was valued at just $300 million!
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Uber is an IPO of historic proportions.
The company is the single most valuable private company with venture capital backing. The latest private financing valued the firm at $72 billion.
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P.S. Lots of folks are writing Uber off – due to its large financial losses. Frankly, that’s a mistake.
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