Just Announced: 15th Anniversary Event

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September marks the 15th anniversary of launching Wyatt Investment Research. And we’re kicking off our celebration with a very special event.
This first-ever income event reveals a brand new strategy for earning consistent income. The best part is that you don’t need a huge account to get started. It’s called:
Get Paid $250 Every Month with Poor Man’s Covered Calls
Never before have we shared this presentation. And it goes live next week for the very first time.
Recent events have filled up very quickly, and you’ll definitely want to attend.
Be sure to RSVP right now by clicking here.
Get Paid $250 Every Month with Poor Man’s Covered Calls
Regular covered calls require lots of cash. Using one little-known strategy, you can collect extra income every month . . . even if you have a modest account. Click here to discover how it works.
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15th Anniversary Celebration: Free Income Event
To celebrate our 15th anniversary at Wyatt Investment Research, we’re hosting a brand new income event. Attend, and you’ll discover how a top strategy for earning $250 or more every month! Click here to RSVP – it’s free.
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Remember  ̶   our 15th anniversary event kicks off next week! Please be sure to join us to be among the first people to see this brand new presentation.
All you need to do is click here to confirm that you can join us.
Good Investing,
Ian Wyatt
Richmond, Vermont

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