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This is the single most exciting investment of 2017. Please take five minutes to read this entire email.
Because within just two weeks, a 100% legal cannabis company will go public in an Initial Public Offering.
A small group of early investors have a chance to grab shares in the IPO right now  ̶  before the stock opens for trading.
Please join me for a LIVE webinar with all the details.
Given the urgency, I’m hosting two LIVE events this week to share the details (click below to RSVP):

Usually, I only present ONE live webinar per week. But the deadline on this IPO is this week . . .  and I don’t want you to miss out.
I know some folks prefer to join us during lunch. And others like to log in from home in the evening.
Here’s the important thing: join me either today or tomorrow.
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The webinars are NOT being recorded. There is no encore event . . . and no transcript. If you want access, please find time in your schedule.
My inbox has been flooded with questions about the legality of cannabis, investing in the U.S.  and this specific IPO. I’ve taken a few of the most common questions, and answered them here.
There are dozens of other great questions too. I’ll be answering everything in the live events.
QUESTION: In the U.S., there are federal laws that prohibit the sale and use of cannabis. Is it a good idea to invest in American stocks in this sector?
IAN: Here in the U.S., we have a patchwork of laws. The federal government is  ̶   in most cases  ̶  deferring to state law. And the various states have different laws. This creates various problems for U.S. companies. It limits the size of a business to a single state. And creates unnecessary risk related to the enforcement of federal laws.
Right now, 60% of Americans support full legalization. And nearly 10% of Americans use marijuana regularly. Americans are clearly in support of this movement, which is why we’ve seen full legalization in eight states already. Plus, another eight states are currently considering legalization.
I think President Barack Obama did a great job explaining the issue when he said, “It is untenable over the long term for the Justice Department or the DEA to be enforcing a patchwork of laws, where something that’s legal in one state could get you a 20-year prison sentence in another.”
For these reasons, I don’t believe that the U.S. is the best place to invest in this sector.
QUESTION: If not the U.S., where is the best place to invest?
IAN: Right now, Canada is very attractive. Here’s why. Canada has already approved the nationwide use of marijuana for medical purposes. Additionally, the government is introducing legislation that would make recreational use 100% legal in 2018.
Canada is on track to be the first G7 nation to fully legalize cannabis. Rather than take the risk of investing in the U.S., I’d rather put my money into Canadian companies that will be operating completely legally. Once the U.S. laws become clearer, the opportunity here will be very, very significant.
QUESTION: Canada’s a small country. How big is this market?
IAN: Canada has 35 million people. But 22% of the population currently uses cannabis. Another 17% say they would TRY it, if it were legal. So, you’re at a potential market of 14 million people.
Deloitte came out with a recent research report that estimates the Canadian market will be worth $4.9 billion to $8.7 billion within three years. Meanwhile, Health Canada is estimating 30% growth in medical marijuana for the next eight years.
QUESTION: How do you invest in this sector in Canada?
IAN: My favorite way is the most direct way. I’m extremely bullish on the Canadian companies that are growing cannabis and selling it to patients with a prescription. These companies operate under the licenses that have been granted by Health Canada. They are fully regulated, and completely legal.
Health Canada has already granted 38 licenses. Some of these companies have already gone public, and seen their shares jump 171% to 1,364%. The gains for early investors have been huge. My analysis suggests there is more upside here.
Many of these Canadian companies trade on the TSX in Canada and also have shares listed on a U.S. stock exchange. They’re pretty accessible for most Americans with an online brokerage account.
QUESTION: Aren’t you hesitant to buy a stock that’s recently gone up 500% or 1,000%?
IAN: Of course. Nobody feels “good” about buying a stock that has already gone up a lot.
In many ways, I think this is similar to the dot-com stocks in the 1990s. Amazon.com went public in 1997. By 1999, the stock was already up 5,635%. Many investors wrote it off  ̶  not wanting to buy a stock that had multiplied in value by 56 times.
Yet today, Amazon is trading at $886. Even folks who bought it at the very height of the dot-com boom in 1999  ̶  after it had gone up a lot  ̶  earned amazing returns. In fact, they’ve multiplied their investment by 10x.
Personally, I’m never going to be the FIRST investor in the next growth sector. My goal isn’t to be first. It’s to get in early enough. And I’m here to tell you, we are still in the early innings.
QUESTION: What stocks do you like?
IAN: Right now, my favorite is a company that is PRIVATE. As a result, the stock hasn’t had a chance to go up 3x or 5x in the public market.
The legal cannabis company is preparing to go public in an IPO. It’s expected to start trading within two weeks. And there are two ways to play this.
The first is to buy shares directly in the IPO. The company is currently raising capital for its IPO. That means an exclusive group of early investors could buy shares BEFORE the stock even starts trading.
Click here to RSVP and get details on the IPO.
The second way to play this is to buy shares once they start trading. That’s still an attractive way to invest  . . . although I’m expecting the stock price may jump once it opens for trading.
The last Canadian marijuana IPO opened 171% higher in its first day of trading. The same could happen here.
QUESTION: How do I separate the “hype” from the “real” stocks?
IAN: The bull market for the sector has sent ALL stocks rising. A few are sound companies with bright futures. Many are nothing more than hype.
Here are a few things that I look for to identify the real companies:
First, they have a product, are generating sales, and are experiencing financial growth. Second, they have attracted a sizable amount of financing relative to their market capitalization. Third, they have a team of people with a track record of success.
There are MANY more questions to answer. Please join me live, and participate in my extended Question & Answer session.
Since I’m 100% convinced that you need to hear about this opportunity in a legal cannabis company, I’ve decided to present my research twice.
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Thanks for making time to join me this week.
Yours in Profits,
Ian Wyatt

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