Stock Market News: Market Rally Continues

Sectarian violence in Iraq has escalated to the point that the U.S. military may get involved. The Federal Reserve continued to “taper” back its monthly bond buying. Projections for U.S. GDP growth in the second half of 2014 aren’t as optimistic as they once
All of those sour news items dominated the headlines this week. How did the stock market respond? By rising to yet another all-time high, of course.
If ever there was a week that proved just how impenetrable this market rally is right now, this was it. The S&P 500 advanced another 1.5% to close the week above 1,960 for the first time ever. Neither the threat of a third U.S. intervention in Iraq nor signs of a slowing U.S. economy could dampen the bulls’ spirits.
With no pullback in sight, there is no shortage of investment opportunities out there. This week at Wyatt Investment Research, we tried to pinpoint some of the very best opportunities.
Here is but a sampling of what was on our experts’ minds this week:
Coming Soon: The Connected Home – A massive industry is slowly transitioning into the modern age of technology. And it’s right in front of you.
How to Buy Apple Shares at an 8.9% Discount– Since the split in Apple, inquisitive minds have been asking me how they can sell puts to buy Apple at the price they want. Here’s how.
Offshore Drilling: The Best Value Buy in Energy Today– In energy, there is one place where investors notably “ain’t” hitting ‘em, and that’s offshore oil-and-gas drilling. And one offshore driller offers a particularly expansive, unpopulated field for investors.
The New American Prius is a Pickup Truck – Yes. That’s right. A bigger, better, beefier vehicle is rolling off the assembly line – an American truck that’s actually more efficient than the Toyota Prius. Hey, it can even tow five of them. And it’s not a wimpy hybrid. It’s a 302hp heavy-duty beast. Yet, it only costs around $15 to fill up! And you can travel 800 miles on one tank. That’s why we call it the “American Prius.” ONLY ONE COMPANY has the breakthrough technology for building this truck. And now you can share in their massive profits. Click here for the full report.
Will the Conflict in Iraq Hurt the Stock Market?– Historically speaking, the stock market doesn’t react well to geopolitical crises or conflicts. But this is no ordinary stock market.
A 9% Yield Found in the Coal IndustryThe Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has carpet-bombed coal with ceaseless regulations for the past decade, forcing many coal stocks to slash their dividends. Despite the industry’s travails, one coal producer has maintained a high distribution.
These Three Simple Investing Strategies Lead to Big Profits– I don’t normally talk about my 100% Letter advisory service here in the Daily Profit. But I’m going to make an exception today. Because I want to share three simple investing strategies that can help growth investors bang out consistent profits.
The Banking Sector is Growing its Dividends Fast– Most banks reduced their dividend payouts drastically after the recession. Now that profits have returned to pre-recession levels, banks are starting to increase their dividends again.
Top Four Dividend Stocks for International Investing– Investors have a lot of anxiety when it comes to international investing. But one of the keys to investing is diversification. Assuming investors can look past the negative headlines related to the Iraqi conflict and Russian-Ukraine standoff, there are plenty of great international investments out there.
Options Webinar Video Replay: The 10% Income Formula– In case you missed last week’s live chat with options expert Andy Crowder, here is the video in its entirety.
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