Senate Approves Medical Marijuana for U.S. Veterans

Last month, the U.S. Senate approved medical marijuana for veterans.
This means that U.S. government doctors can now prescribe cannabis to veterans. Previously, these doctors couldn’t prescribe medical marijuana.
Previously, vets could lose their Veterans Affairs benefits if they used cannabis. The bill now assures that benefits will NOT be lost if a vet uses cannabis in a state where it is legal.
The legislation received overwhelming approval in an 86-to-5 vote.
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Recently released emails from the Trump administration reveal that White House insiders may have been pushing this agenda.
Email messages from Jake Leinenkugel – a senior White House advisor for VA issues – asked Veterans Affairs to study the benefits of medical marijuana for military veterans.
Leinenkugel wrote in his email that “thousands of Veterans claim their legal/illegal use of cannabis has made dramatic changes in their well-being.”
Here’s a copy of his email.
This is big news for American veterans who are suffering from pain.
Does it matter for everyone else?
Yes, it does. Here’s why . . .
This legislation will allow government doctors to prescribe cannabis to their patients.
It’s another sign that the federal government is getting out of the way . . . and continues to allow states to pass cannabis legislation.
The vast majority of Americans support medical marijuana. Plus, 29 states – and the District of Columbia – have already legalized cannabis.
It only makes sense that the government would allow veterans to receive medical marijuana that’s prescribed by a physician.
What do you think?
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Ian Wyatt

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