The Millionaires’ Secret Stock Market: The Wealth-Building Strategy

After graduating from Penn State, one Pittsburgh native stumbled upon the millionaires’ secret stock market.
It was one of Brian’s finance professors that encouraged him to sell off his bagel shops and instead get into the investment business.
Starting 13 years ago, Brian began investing in this simple wealth-building strategy. It wasn’t focused on trading stocks, bonds or ETFs. Instead, he focused on a tiny investment that’s off the beaten path.
With less than 3% of investors trading these securities, there is little competition. And an opportunity for huge profits.
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Brian discovered a shockingly simple strategy for trading.
One simple rule guided his every move: ONLY buy investments that are trading at a markdown to their TRUE VALUE.
Instead of focusing on balance sheet analysis or creating discounted cash flow models, Brian instead looked at just one key number.
This one number tells him whether the investment is OVERVALUED or UNDERVALUED. That’s right. When it is undervalued, he buys it.  When it is overvalued, he sells it.
Every investor has that goal: buy low, sell high.
Yet most investors struggle to determine the true value of an investment. Is Apple (NASDAQ: AAPL) stock undervalued or overvalued at $155? Different analysts could make a compelling case for that it’s a real bargain, or grossly overvalued.
Yet with Brian’s strategy, there is no guesswork. There is just one number. And that number tells him “undervalued” or “overvalued.”
This shockingly simple strategy has made him millions for his family.
In fact, Brian has taken his trading strategy and turned it into a huge money-management business. With $3.7 billion in assets under management, Brian’s firm specializes in trading in the millionaires’ secret stock market.
The good news is that ANY investors can participate in the market.
This strategy has grabbed the attention of some of the world’s most notable investors.
That’s why self-made billionaire investors Jeff Gundlach (“The Bond King”) and Howard Marks have decided to partner up with Brian’s firm.
Brian’s business partner, Patrick, explained, “Irrational pricing is what we’re taking advantage of. If you’re going to own [investments], why wouldn’t you buy them at a discount?”
Using Brian and Patrick’s strategy, you can buy ANY investment at a discount.
Tax-free muni bonds? You can BUY them at a 9% discount to the current market value.
Blue-chip stocks? How about a 15.5% discount to the market.
High-yield bonds? How about an 11% discount.
Interested in buying gold? How about a 13% discount buying gold stocks.
Just to be completely clear, this is completely different than investing directly in stocks, bonds or gold.
My six-month research project shows you exactly how this works, and gives you step-by-step instructions.
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