3 Charts Reveal ‘Overnight Trading’ Secret

I don’t know about you…overnight trading secret
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Now, I am not one of those traders who likes to brag.
My goal is to reveal the secret strategies used by professional Wall Street traders.

These unique opportunities come four times a year . . . and they occur in all stocks. But, my preference is to focus on the big blue chips.
More specifically, I want to focus on something called volatility crush. Volatility crush occurs at tremendous levels around the earnings announcements of every public company. But not every company offers us the opportunity to take advantage of volatility crush. There are a variety of factors to consider.
Just look at how volatility crush worked in some of the biggest companies just last earnings season.
Microsoft (MSFT)
You can see it right here in mid-July, with Microsoft stock. In just one day, you can see the sharp drop in volatility.
overnight TRADING secret
Netflix (NFLX)
The same thing happened with Netflix – a couple of days earlier. Just check out this chart:
overnight TRADING secret
Coca-Cola (KO)
Even a boring consumer staples stock – like Coca-Cola – can experience the same thing.  You’ll notice that volatility is heightened – and then it drops overnight.
overnight trading secret
Now, what if I told you this essentially happens with EVERY stock? And it predictably happens at least four times every year?
How to Profit from These Green Circles
Within each green circle is the potential for quick profits and the overnight trading secret. And by using my strategy, each opportunity offers a probability of success over 80%.
In fact, nine of my last 10 trades were winners (FYI – that’s a 90%-win ratio).
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Oh – and each trade is “OPEN” for just one day . . .
So, it’s easy to avoid the overall market volatility.
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