Reader Mail

It’s been too long since I printed your comments and answered your questions in Daily Profit. After I finished cutting and pasting the most relevant, I came out with… Read more

The Popped Oil Bubble

2 million barrels is a huge production cut. It’s far larger than the drop in demand. And the markets are still responding to OPEC with a big yawn. Oil… Read more

The Next Arrow

Bernanke has said it’s time to consider using the second arrow in the Fed’s quiver. That’s the "provision of liquidity" arrow. Maybe the Fed will buy Treasuries. Or maybe… Read more

Who Can You Trust?

When the financial industry breaks down, there’s no recourse for lost money. It’s just gone. That’s why I continue to stress education and diligence to individual investors. Learn about… Read more

The Blame Game

Stocks were unable to build on Thursday’s momentum. Friday’s late sell off seemed like a pretty obvious vote of no-confidence for Paulson. It also suggested the market had low… Read more

A Loss of Confidence

So much for the silver lining talk. The Dow Industrials seem intent on testing recent lows. The low close came on October 27 at 8,175. The intra-day low came… Read more

Daily News Links: October 15, 2008

A round-up of the news that’s moving the market.

Read more

Fear and Greed

The fact that it wouldn’t be good for my blood pressure aside, do we really think that stocks can simply move back to their prices of a few weeks… Read more

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