WSJ Alert: Amazon Employees Quit to Launch New IPO

It’s bigger than Amazon.
But you’ve probably never heard of this upcoming IPO.
The Wall Street Journal ranks this company #7 on its list of “Billion-Dollar Startups.”
The company just announced a HUGE partnership with Walmart (NYSE: WMT) . . . and it plans to go public soon.
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The year was 2007.
That’s when two Amazon employees QUIT their jobs and launched their own e-commerce company – called Flipkart.
Everyone knows that Amazon (NYSE: AMZN) is dominant in the U.S. So, Flipkart decided to focus on a creating “the Amazon of India.”

Morgan Stanley: ‘It’s a $200 BILLION market’

Like Amazon, Flipkart started by selling books. And it has since expanded to sell everything in a wide range of product categories.
India is the second-largest country in the world, with a population of 1.3 billion. That’s just 100,000 fewer people than China.
It’s a huge and growing market – and the perfect opportunity for this new company.
E-commerce is a $30 billion market in India today. And Morgan Stanley estimates that it’ll grow to $200 billion by the year 2026!
Flipkart is India’s #1 e-commerce company – with a 40% market share. Meanwhile, Amazon’s Indian operations have a 31% share of the market.

Walmart Invests $16 Billion

Walmart is under immense pressure from Amazon here in the U.S.
JP Morgan expects that Amazon sales will top Walmart within three years.
After losing the U.S. market, Walmart doesn’t want to lose again. That’s why the company just announced a major investment and partnership with Flipkart.
As part of the deal, Walmart will invest $16 billion. And it will get a 77% controlling stake in India’s #1 e-commerce company.
Here’s the most interesting thing . . .
Walmart disclosed that Flipkart’s OTHER shareholders can require the company to “go public” in an IPO.

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This SEC filing from May 11 explains . . .
“Holders of 60% of the Flipkart shares held by the minority shareholders, acting together, may require Flipkart to effect an initial public offering . . . ”
Walmart has secured a majority stake in Flipkart – before the IPO.
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