The Warren Buffett Retirement Plan

Discover the stocks that pay you to own them and double your money

Fellow Investor,

I want to share with you today. I don’t normally put my products in front of you like this, but this one is too important to ignore. This is your ticket to a steady stream of rock solid, income generating stocks that anyone can profit from, regardless of how long you’ve been investing or how many hours a week you put into it.

Frankly, most individual investors — no matter how smart or dedicated — never really figure out a winning system.

You see, the secret to true wealth isn’t putting in more hours at work. Most of us won’t inherit a fortune. And it’s certainly not buying a lottery ticket and hoping like millions of others that yours is the one.

The path to true wealth can be very simple: make wise investment decisions, based on a sound investment strategy, with a defined purpose in mind.

You probably already have a purpose in mind — nice vacation, new car, gift for someone special, putting a child through college, buying a second home, early retirement, any of those and more — and that’s great. It gives you a goal. Now, you just need a strategy.

In my two decades of investing I’ve found that a strategy with a well diversified portfolio of long term holdings, short term gainers, and income stocks works best.

I’ve also found that using the proven methods of the world’s most successful investors can be a shortcut to quickly building a wealth generating portfolio. I’m not suggesting that you’ll get rich overnight, but I am saying that you don’t have to re-invent the wheel and lose thousands of dollars in the market trying to figure it out.

But I’ve recently completed research on the best known and most successful investor ever. Who is it?

It’s Warren Buffett, of course: a man who’s almost single-handedly amassed a $47 billion fortune in the past 50 years by applying a basic, fundamental strategy to his investment portfolio. And he’s turned thousands of individual investors into millionaires in the process.

Now you and I don’t necessarily want to wait 50 years and we don’t need $47 billion, but a couple million would be nice, right?

Like you, I have my own style. However, we’re both willing to learn from the experts. I’ve thoroughly studied the Oracle of Omaha and recently applied his strategy for winning stocks for my Top Stock Insights service. This service focuses exclusively on mid and large cap stocks with a consistent growth pattern and stability through tough and good times. It presents a balanced mix of value, growth, and income stocks that any investor can understand and add to his or her portfolio. That’s the Buffett method.

The Warren Buffett Retirement PlanTo help you quickly get up to speed and get the timely data on these stocks I’ve compiled the research into one must-read report called The Warren Buffett Retirement Plan. I’ll tell you how to get your copy in a minute.

The stocks in this report are the leaders in their respective sectors. But more importantly, they’re stocks of companies whose businesses you can easily understand.

Indeed, that’s Buffett’s first rule: you need to easily understand how the company makes and spends money. If you can understand how the company makes a profit and clearly explain it to someone who doesn’t know the company, then you’re more likely than not to see a profit from that company’s stock.

My report, The Warren Buffett Retirement Plan, contains three such companies. Some might call these companies boring. After all, one of them has been in business for over 100 years. But the way they consistently make money and enrich individual investors is anything but boring. Making money is always exciting. Wouldn’t you agree?

When you get your hands on my new report, you’ll immediately see investing in a new light. You’ll want more "wealth generator" stocks like these — like the ones we add every month to the Top Stock Insights portfolio. And they’ll help you sleep out night when the "go it alone" investors are losing their shirts on the inevitable down days.

You’ll probably want to rush out and buy these stocks even before you finish reading the report. But I urge you to read the entire report and really study the stocks I’ll give you. They’re rock solid, but as Buffett’s Rule #1 says, "you need to understand how the company makes a profit". So take your time with the report. And take time reviewing the Top Stock Insights portfolio holdings, other special reports, and recent issue archives.

I’d like for you to get started on your path to true wealth. And to get started TODAY!

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