Today’s Top 10 List: Ronald Reagan’s Income Secrets

A couple weeks ago, I published my investing top 10 list. And it was one of our most-read newsletters of 2017.
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Today’s TOP 10 LIST:

Reasons you need to get started with 893(C) Accounts… with four upcoming payouts by Aug. 23 . . .

#10: Bill Gates Collects $137,000 per Month
Microsoft founder and philanthropist Bill Gates has a special team of advisors for managing his wealth. Over the years, they’ve become very fond of these special income machines, collecting over six-figures per month for Gates.
#9: Young Warren Buffett Earned Millions
In 1972, Warren Buffett bought his first 893(C) at a HUGE 50% discount to its true value. Yup –  the Oracle of Omaha paid 50 cents on the dollar. Within five years, he cashed out a huge $15.7 million profit.
#8: Most Financial Advisors HATE These Investments
Due to the nature of fees and incentives, most financial advisors prefer to put their clients into higher-fee-generating investments. That’s helped keep these under the radar for years.
#7: Only 2.7% of Americans Invest
This is one of the most undiscovered investments out there. With less than 3% of Americans investment assets in 893(C) accounts, this is completely overlooked by most investors.
#6: Top Payers Deliver 9.7% to 16.3% Income
In today’s market, the S&P 500 pays a tiny 1.9% dividend. Treasurys are a bit better at 2.2%. But what about collecting 9.7% in commercial real estate, 12.8% from America’s energy sector . . . or 16.3% from safe blue-chip stocks? It’s completely possible in this hidden market.
#5: Two Guys from Chicago Made Billions
Two friends from Pennsylvania moved to Chicago and spent 13 years investing in 893(C) accounts. Today, their investment firm has ballooned to $13 billion in assets under management. How did they do it? By focusing on these completely overlooked investments.
#4: Alpha Score Says “BUY” or “SELL
The best investments often require tons of analysis and crunching the numbers. But with these income investments, one simple metric – called the Alpha Score – gives us a quick and easy BUY, HOLD or SELL signal.
#3: Buy EVERY Investment at a Discount
Warren Buffett says, “Price is what you pay, value is what you get.” Would you rather pay full price?  Or buy your investments at a huge discount? It’s an easy choice with 893(C) accounts.
#2: Collect 2x to 10x Extra Income
Using these secret investments, you can literally multiply your income by 2x, 3x, 5x, and even 10x. To be completely clear, this does NOT involve learning how to trade options or anything like that.
And now, atop today’s Top 10 List:
#1 President Ronald Reagan’s Stock Market Boom
These special accounts have been around since the 19th century, created out of the volatile market panics of the 1800s. Yet they didn’t come into their own here in the U.S. until the 1980s – during the Ronald Reagan bull market.
There’s your top 10 list for today!
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