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This special edition of Daily Profit Weekend Digest is 100% focused on investing in initial public offerings (IPOs).
Why? Because after two years of an IPO drought, we are on the verge of a deluge.
There have already been 14 IPOs in 2017, raising more than $4.6 billion from investors.
Within three weeks, Snap (parent company of the popular Snapchat photo app) could IPO on the NYSE.
Since the clock is ticking down to the IPO, I’m revealing my groundbreaking “Pre-IPO” investing research.
It goes LIVE next Wednesday at 4 p.m. Eastern Time.
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Join me to discover:

  • Highlights from the Snapchat IPO offering
  • What this IPO means for the overall market
  • Whether shares of SNAP are a “BUY” after the IPO
  • How to buy Snapchat  ̶  and 100+ other tech companies   ̶   before they IPO
  • Why 2017 will be the biggest year for IPOs

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This Week at Wyatt Investment Research

While you wait for next week’s LIVE event, check out these articles. They’ll help you get up to speed on this rapidly evolving growth situation and the top IPOs of 2017.
These Two Guys Could Bankrupt Marriott Hotels
In 2007, two buddies moved from NYC to San Fran. They started a website that has become the No. 1 lodging company in the world. Now they have big hotel chains worried about their future.
Top IPOs for 2017
Discover the top tech companies that are preparing to IPO in 2017. Get complete details . . . including WHO these companies are and why they might go public.
LIVE Pre-IPO Investing Event: Buy Snapchat Before the IPO
Discover the secrets to investing in the fastest growing tech companies. They don’t trade on the NYSE or NASDAQ . . . yet. My live webinar reveals how to invest before they go public. RSVP right here – right now.
IPO News: Inside the Snapchat IPO
The Snapchat IPO filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission was just made public. To save you hours reading the full 178-page S-1 filing, I’ve summarized some of the key highlights.
The Biggest IPO Since Facebook
One offering will be the biggest deal since 2012, when Facebook went public. Here’s what you need to know.
Will this App KILL Facebook (and Instagram)?
After old folks took over Facebook, the younger generation left and stated using Snapchat. Within three weeks, the company will IPO. Can Snapchat topple Facebook’s dominance?
Only 1,000 people can join me LIVE for the event. The last time I shared this presentation, we were 100% full and forced to turn folks away at the door.
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