This $60 Billion Startup is Killing Taxi Cabs

A couple of days ago I spent eight hours traveling from my home in Vermont to Florida. Due to a big snowstorm in Vermont and freezing rain at JFK, the trip took a bit longer than usual.
After landing in Fort Lauderdale, I began the final step of my trip: boarding a shuttle bus, traveling to the Hertz off-site car rental and waiting in line for my car. Ugghhh!
Unfortunately, I hadn’t simply booked an Uber to pick me up. At the end of a long travel day, a simple airport pickup would have been a big upgrade.
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In in winter of 2008, Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp were in Paris for the “LeWeb” conference.
The two entrepreneurs were in town from San Fran. Camp has recently sold his startup to eBay (NASDAQ: EBAY) for $75 million. And Kalanick was working at Akamai (NASDAQ: AKAM) after it acquired his company.
They were in Europe networking with venture capitalist investors and fellow investors . . .  searching for the next big idea.
After a late- night eating steak frits and drinking Bordeaux wines . . . they decided to explore the Paris night life. After too many bars . . . clubs . . . and drinks . . . they needed a ride back to the hotel.
Their frustration finding a cab in Paris helped spark the idea of a new car service. It would allow users to have shared access to a town car service, for slightly more than the cost of a taxi.
That’s how UberCab was born in 2009. The company has since been renamed Uber, and it’s the most valuable private company with venture capital financing.

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Today, Uber provides ridesharing services in more than 500 cities. Using an app on your phone with GSP location info, it’s easy to request a car pickup with the push of a button.

Uber IPO: Evolution of a Game-Changer

The convenience of Uber had made it a game-changer, and a big threat to the taxi cab industry. Gone are the days of calling a taxi dispatcher . . . having them call out your location on the radio . . . and waiting for a pickup.
Instead, you can push a button. Get an immediate reply. And track the driver’s location as they navigate the city to pick you up.
Last year, Uber generated $5.5 billion in revenues. That was a huge increase from the $2 billion of revenues in 2015. In spite of the rapid growth, the company is thought to have lost $3 billion last year.
Uber is at the cutting edge of many attractive growth markets. Right now, the company is exploring self-driving vehicles and a food-delivery service.

Uber IPO:  A Crazy Valuation

The impressive growth and promising future has helped fuel Uber’s crazy valuation at a current $68 billion. Total equity investments in Uber now total a staggering $12.9 billion.
When Uber launches its IPO, the company will be large and fairly mature. And early investors will have made the big profits.
Consider that just two and one-half years ago, Uber closed a Series D financing with Fidelity Investments, Blackrock and Wellington Management. Investors put up $1.2 billion, investing at a $17 billion valuation.
Today, those investors are sitting on 300% capital gains in less than three years.
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