Why ‘Smart Money’ Is Betting on This IPO

Honestly, some of the world’s best investors are backing this upcoming IPO.Uber IPO
And they each plan to earn a small fortune within the next 27 days.
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Just check out some of the top investors:

  • Amazon founder Jeff Bezos grabbed these pre-IPO shares
  • Google invested $258 million
  • Softbank – Japan’s #1 venture capital firm – owns 15%
  • Benchmark – one of Silicon Valley’s oldest VCs – is the second-largest shareholder

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Here’s the thing you must understand:
These “smart money” investors prefer to get in early . . .
They DO NOT wait for a company to file paperwork with the Securities and Exchange Commission in Washington.
Why not?
Because they realize that 99% of the profits happen BEFORE a company goes public. That’s right . . .  nobody’s getting rich buying shares at the IPO price.
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So, what is this company?
The company recently filed a confidential S-1 statement with the SEC.
Toyota recently invested $500 million . . .
That gives the world’s No. 1 ride-sharing company a $76 billion valuation. And while we don’t have the final Uber IPO numbers yet . . .
Uber is rumored to be planning an IPO that would value the company at $120 billion.
That would make Uber the second most valuable company to go public. The biggest IPO was Alibaba (NASDAQ: BABA), which debuted with a market value of $168 billion.
Nobody knows what will happen to Uber shares once the Uber IPO debuts on the New York Stock Exchange . . . but one thing is for certain . . .
Early investors will make a fortune.
Frankly, anyone who bought these pre-IPO shares should be very, very pleased.
That’s because the pre-IPO shares are trading at a DISCOUNT of at least 36%.
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