1,053% Profit Accelerator #1

One little-known commodity could surge in 2019…
In fact, it’s already up 40% since April . . . making it the #1 top-performing commodity in the world.
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Just take a look at this chart:
uranium prices
So, what is this mystery commodity?
Well, in the business it’s known as “yellowcake” or “U3O8.” And most folks know it simply as uranium.
Now, this is the most powerful commodity in the entire world.
It’s responsible for providing electricity to 20% of America’s homes (and in France – the number is over 70%!). Plus, it’s a crucial element for powering America’s aircraft carriers and submarines.
Right now, the price of uranium is getting ready for a dramatic move.
Why?  Because of Profit Accelerator #1.
Demand for U3O8 is expected to jump 25% worldwide.
That’s because of surging demand from power plants in Japan. Meanwhile, countries including China, India and Russia are building 60 facilities that require this mineral.
Now, mining companies would typically increase production to meet the supply.
But not this time.
Why not?
Because the price is too low. In fact, the “market price” for U3O8 is BELOW the cost of production. So, the mining companies aren’t willing to increase the production.
In fact, they’re even taking the drastic step . . .
Of cutting production!
The market is essentially a duopoly . . .  and two companies controlling the it.
And within the last year, these #1 and #2 producers dramatically cut back production.
That means annual production of U3O8 has plunged 20%.
It’s causing a huge imbalance between supply and demand.
When demand jumps 25% . . . and supply plunges 20% . . .
What happens to the price?
Well, I’m predicting a 393% jump in yellowcake prices – within the next two to three years. In fact, I’m expecting it to reach all-time record highs of $140.
Here’s the best part.
My top three stocks could post far bigger profits. In fact, I’m targeting gains of 1,053% . . .  2,966% and even 4,235%.
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