‘Wall Street Hacker’ Reveals Secret to Making 62.3% Profits in 24 Hours

Tomorrow, Andy Crowder unveils his brand-new Wall Street Hack for extracting consistent, regular payouts…
And beating Wall Street at its own game.
Imagine “hacking” Wall Street on Tuesday afternoon…
And cashing out Wednesday morning for a HUGE 62.3% profit.
Make $623 for every $1,000 you invest…
Andy tells me that within the next week or so, he’s targeting $6,230 (or more) in profits!
I guarantee you’ve never seen this kind of strategy before. And frankly, I’ve never seen anyone trading the way this ‘Wall Street hacker’ does.
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I recently sat down with Andy to chat about this new profit system. And here’s a transcript of my frank, “no holds barred” conversation.
IAN: Well, this is really exciting. Every investor feels like the “system” is rigged against them… but you’ve discovered a way to flip the odds, and actually “exploit” Wall Street’s own rules to make them work for the average trader.
Can you give me a preview on exactly how you use this to “hack” Wall Street?
ANDY: Simply put, I’ve found a way to turn Wall Street’s greed against them. While most traders are trying to predict the future, I’ve found a way to actually profit from the greed in the market. It’s all about trading around major events found in a secret, government mandated database (codename: EDGAR).
But, I don’t try to predict the outcome. Instead, I just profit from the greed.
IAN: How do you manage to profit from greed in the market?
ANDY: Well, the extra greed creates a spike in something called “implied volatility” (IV).
Implied volatility (IV) essentially ramps up in the the times identified in my EDGAR database. Because of the “spike”… you can make money. After the spike, there’s a “crash” … and that’s how we “cash in.”
You don’t have to predict the future. You don’t have to be right about the specific price a stock goes. Honestly, you don’t even really have to be exactly right about the direction the market moves.
You simply profit from volatility — You make money from greed. It’s as simple as that.
It’s about as close to a sure thing as there is in the market.
As long as Wall Street has greed, you can make money.
IAN: Why start trading these strategies now?
ANDY: I discovered this database reveals times when Wall Street is especially greedy. In fact, my research indicates it gives regular “Main Street” traders and “unfair” advantage. Over 80% of the time, they can set themselves up for quick wins. And that’s just on average. Once you put a little “common sense” into HOW you trade around greed… the probability gets even better.
While all the other greedy traders are clamoring to predict the future…while they try to predict the price a stock will hit… the direction… AND the timing (they MUST get ALL THREE right to win their bets)…
We simply cash in on all the extra “gamblers” in the market.
Best of all…it doesn’t matter if we face a bear market…a bull market…even a choppy market. Up, down, or sideways, my system works.
All you need…is greed…
Now, I don’t want to make folks bet their life savings on any one of these opportunities. Position size is key to winning on these types of trades. It’s about probability.
But if you are smart and consistent with how you trade…you’ll end up ahead. It’s a mathematical certainty.
IAN: So, wait… you AREN’T trying to predict WHAT happens within a company? That doesn’t really really matter?
ANDY: It doesn’t matter at all. Again, we are trading math here. In this case, we are trading based on what all the other “gamblers” on the market are trying to “bet” a given stock will do.
I think trying to predict the future — especially trying to hone in on exactly what a stock will do — is foolish.
Instead, I use my EDGAR database to figure out what time is going to be especially “greedy”…
In other words…when the most gamblers are going to the casino.
Then, I send out a report.
My top secret briefing will contain the upcoming opportunities, and the specific companies I’m watching.
This is the first step of our screening process.
The report also contains the implied volatility and IV rank of each highly-liquid stock.
To get a little technical:
IV rank tells us if current implied volatility is high or low in an underlying asset based on the past year of IV data.  For example, if a stock has had an IV between 40 and 80 over the past year and IV is currently at 60, the stock would have an IV rank of 50%. Typically, we look for an IV rank above 50 when seeking a “greedy” trade.
Bottom line…I do all the hard work for my readers. I evaluate the technical aspects to give us the “edge” as we “Hack Wall Street” together.
IAN: How do you decide WHAT stocks are best to trade? How about a couple names that you’re planning to trade in the next couple weeks?
ANDY: Besides a heightened IV rank comes liquidity as seen through a tight bid/ask spread. We want to be able to get in and out of the trade with no issues… especially when trading around these especially greedy times.
In the coming weeks, I’m expecting to trade JP Morgan, Citibank, Netflix, United Continental, IBM… Plus, some other big and volatile stocks. In all, I’m targeting about 10 different companies right now. Two for this week, and up to 8 for next week.
Go here to see how I’m trading these stocks.
IAN: What types of gains could traders expect? How active do you expect to be during these times of “high greed”?
ANDY: I expect to make anywhere from 15 to 30 trades during these high greed/high profit windows. I know, it’s a wide berth, but it’s hard to predict exactly how many trades I will place during these times. I base it on a variety of factors such as liquidity, implied volatility and IV rank.
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Honestly, I’ve never seen anyone taking Andy’s diligent… mathematical approach to trading…
And I’ve never heard of anyone legally hacking Wall Street to make consistent gains, or a Wall Street hacker who does that.
Most folks I’ve met simply try to GUESS about what a stock will do, and try to gamble on the price it will hit (and when).
But Andy turns all of that around.
Instead of trying to predict the price, the direction, AND the timing of a stock’s price…
Andy simply found a way to “cash in” on all the other gamblers clamoring to be fortune tellers.
For Andy’s system…it’s all about the numbers… probabilities… and putting the odds in your favor.
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Yours in Profits,
Ian Wyatt

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