Wyatt Research Week-in-Review: June 29-July 5

july-4Happy Fourth of July from Wyatt Research. We trust you had a chance to enjoy some fireworks, go to a barbecue, spend time with family and friends, or carry on any other Independence Day traditions that melt your butter – like eating 60+ hot dogs, for instance. (How do you do it, Joey Chestnut?)
On the whole, stocks didn’t exactly light up the sky this week, but on Friday the Dow pushed through 17,000 on a better-than-expected jobs report. Seventeen thousand. It’s worth taking a breath to commemorate the occasion. But should you care? It’s a nice round number. It helps investors grasp this market rally. To some, it’s a sign that things will push higher. To others, it’s a sign of an impending doom.
It’s a big number, but that’s all it is if you’re in the market for great, individual stocks for the long haul. Luckily this week our analysts were scouring the earth for good buys.
2 Stocks to Light Up Your Fourth of July – Your holiday barbecue might be more profitable than you think – at least for these companies.
The #1 World Cup Dividend – Twenty-three nations in the World Cup have viable investment opportunities in the form of ETFs and they offer some surprisingly nice yields. But which one is #1?
What Should Tech Investors Do Now? – With the Nasdaq on a tear, should you be worried about another tech bubble? Or is it different this time?
2014 Mid-Term Report Card: 5 Top Dividend Stocks – Here are the five top dividend stocks yielding at least 3% that have outpaced the competition through the first six months of 2014.
Iraq Conflict: The Defense Industry Is Set to Soar – While all eyes are on oil when it comes to Iraq, there’s one industry that’s being overlooked.
Summer’s Hottest Stock Winners – The weather’s starting to heat up and so are these five travel and leisure stocks.
3 Reasons to Avoid Vapor Corp – With the e-cigarette market quadrupling since 2012, one would think Vapor Corp would be a no-brainer investment. But is it as good as it seems?
5 Market Rally Stocks With Room To Run – The market continues to reach for all-time highs, but these five stocks still have room to run.
Thanks for making us part of your Fourth of July weekend. If you were able to put down 70 hot dogs, we expect you to take a long break from vertical living. If not, join us at WyattResearch.com next week and we’ll keep helping you become a better investor.

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