Wyatt Investment Research’s Weekly Highlights

For all the hoopla surrounding pullbacks, Fed tapering and mixed earnings results over the past three months, the first quarter turned out to be rather ho-hum on Wall Street.
In the aggregate, not much has changed since Jan. 1. Stocks are still at all-time highs, with the S&P 500 inching up another 1.3% in Q1, having erased every bit of a 5% pullback in January. Fourth-quarter earnings were roughly in line with analyst expectations, a minor victory considering that many had predicted disappointing holiday sales.
And the Fed’s decision to start scaling back its monthly bond-buying efforts hasn’t had the catastrophic effect on stocks some analysts insisted it would.
So, we’re essentially right where we started the year. Stocks keep humming along, shattering long-held Wall Street records along the way. Unemployment continues to hold at 6.7%. And more stocks are going public than at any time in the last decade.
In other words, the good times keep rolling. And that means we at Wyatt Investment Research continue to have plenty of investment recommendations for you.
Here is a sampling of what our analysts were recommending – and NOT recommending – this week:
Protect Your Profits with One Simple Strategy – A market pullback should not be unexpected, and I want to show you how to keep your profits rather than sell many of the stocks you might wish to own for the long term.
Did Warren Buffett Buy the Wrong Energy Stock? – I understand Buffett’s affinity for ExxonMobil. It’s a great company, and a big one. The problem with ExxonMobil is its greatness: Everyone knows it’s great, and that’s priced into its shares. Now, let’s compare ExxonMobil to a more pedestrian competitor…
The Four Best Dividend Stocks to Buy in April – Even as you search for growth stocks amidst this go-go investing climate, it makes sense to continue rounding out your portfolio with the best dividend stocks you can find. Here are four that fit the bill.
Three Reasons You Should Invest in the Housing Market Rebound – A recovering U.S. housing market bodes well for household wealth across the country. But it also opens the door for investors interested in allocating some portion of their portfolio to the housing market rebound.
Don’t Get Suckered By the Bank of America Dividend Increase – If it were any other company, I’d have applauded the move; because it’s Bank of America (NYSE: BAC), I rolled my eyes. The too-big-to-fail financial conglomerate that failed miserably in 2008 recently announced a 400%-dividend increase.
How to Use the Relative Strength Index (RSI) – One of the biggest mistakes individual investors make is simultaneously following too many technical indicators. Keep it simple and stick to one or two. My personal favorite is the Relative Strength Index (RSI).
Biotech Bubble? Or Buying Opportunity? – The fact that biotech has been the best-performing sector in the S&P 500 for three straight years, and was leading again in 2014, has led many investors to sell first, and (maybe) ask questions about the biotech bubble later. But does a biotech bubble really exist?
Five Baby Stocks Any New Parent Should Own – On the cusp of becoming a father, the author went searching for “baby stocks” to add to his newborn’s college fund.
VIDEO: Buy Silver on the Cheap – With commodities prices continuing to pull back, it’s a good time to buy silver at a discount. Here’s how Andy Crowder turned volatility in silver into a 15% return.
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