Wyatt Research Week-in-Review: October 19-25

The stock market’s bipolar rollercoaster ride continued this week, as stocks in general took back their losses from last week and charged higher again.
One exception was Amazon.com (Nasdaq: AMZN), which got biffed on Friday after missing earnings. The stock was pounded down 10% before rebounding slightly before the day ended.
Investors seem to have finally lost their patience with Amazon and its ever-expanding reinvestments in its business. Such are the perils of a company trying take over the world (literally by expanding internationally).
Perhaps Amazon investors need some Lessons in Royal Perseverance.
You can’t control the machinations of the stock market, but at least you can protect those things you’re capable of protecting, like your personal information. This week we told you 10 Ways to Avoid Identity Theft and a way to Limit Your Credit Fraud Risk. After all, cyber security is something everyone needs to be concerned about.
Here’s the week that was at Wyatt Investment Research:
Disney Stock Got a Marvel-ous BargainIt’s been nearly 5 years since Disney’s $4 billion purchase of Marvel and the entertainment giant is reaping big rewards.
The Case for Blue ChipsGiven how volatile U.S. stocks have become in the last few weeks, chances are you may be looking for lower-risk alternatives to weather any market condition – and they may be staring you right in the face.
How to Avoid Identity Theft: 10 Things Investors Should Know – With identity theft on the rise, here are 10 ways to protect yourself and your portfolio.
Dividends for Every Month of the Year-If you’re looking for just one dividend stock to round out your income stream, consider a little-known company that pays out dividends 12 months of the year. Click here to see the full details.
A Lesson In Royal PerseveranceThe Kansas City Royals have made it to the World Series for the first time in 29 years – and brought plenty of lessons about the rewards for patient investors. 
Quantitative Easing By the NumbersBy all accounts, the Federal Reserve is about to pull the plug on quantitative easing. If true, it would mark the end of a golden age for U.S. stocks.
A Simple Way to Limit Your Risk of Credit Card Fraud– There isn’t much we can do as consumers to stop these data breaches. But we can do a few things to protect ourselves.
4 Important Dividend Dates Every Investor Should KnowFind out exactly when you should buy a stock to capture its dividends.
Should You Buy the Hewlett-Packard Split?Logic – as well as someone with their finger on the industry’s pulse – tells me that breaking up a company as diverse as Hewlett-Packard is a good thing.
The Best REIT for Yield and Security– Income investors with a low-volatility threshold should consider Gladstone Commercial Corp., a small-cap commercial REIT based in McLean, Va.
Three Dividend Stocks to Buy on Lower Oil PricesAnything and everything remotely tied to oil has been selling off hard. But the market is missing the bigger picture: some of these stocks will actually benefit from lower oil prices.
VIDEO: Options Trading for DummiesAndy Crowder explains the mechanics of options trading, and how to use the current market volatility to your advantage.
Thanks for hanging with us this week. We look forward to seeing you at WyattResearch.com next week, no matter what the market brings us. Until then we’re going to enjoy the weekend and quietly root for a Royals World Series victory.

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