Where Will Apple Top? (AAPL)

Shares of Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) are up some 60% from $380 in December. What's more astounding is that since the rally started, the stock has not declined for more than three consecutive sessions.

Apple is worth $565 billion and is the most valuable company in the world. Yet, despite its size, AAPL remains a growth company. Additionally, AAPL announced last month that it will distribute a cash dividend starting this year.

The strange combination of size, growth and yield make Apple a prize investment for any portfolio.  But many investors are scared to buy the stock after the big rally. Today's video focuses on the recent run-up and analyzes potential near term upside for the stock. Additionally, the video will discuss when to expect a pullback and where such a decline could take the shares.

Jason Cimpl
Editor, Top Stock Insights
Washington, DC

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