60 Minutes Reveals $26 Million Lottery Secret

CBS 60 Minutes reports that since 2003…
A retired couple and their close group of friends in western Michigan . . .
Have earned $26 million by playing state lotteries – winning dozens of times.
JUST TO BE 100% CLEAR – this is 100% legal.
How’s it possible?
Well, it’s because they used simple math to dramatically stack the odds of winning in their favor.
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Jerry and Marge Selbee lived a simple life.
For 17 years, they owned and operated the general store in Evart, Michigan (population 1,865).
After selling the store and retiring, Jerry stopped by the store and noticed a lottery ticket called “Windfall.”
60 minutes
Jerry bought a ticket and started reading the rules of the game.
Within three minutes he discovered a simple loophole that stacked the odds in his favor. It was a feature called a “Rolldown.”
If the jackpot hit $5 million . . . he could load up on lottery tickets and dramatically multiply the chances of winning.
So, he invested $3,600 in Michigan Windfall tickets.
And won $6,300.
In the next “Rolldown” – he invested $8,000. And nearly doubled it. That’s when he finally told his wife what he was doing!
Soon, Jerry and Marge were investing hundreds of thousands in tickets. And the winnings kept growing.
“Here’s one that was pretty successful.  We played $515,000 and got back $853,000,” says Jerry.
It may sound complicated. But “It’s actually just basic arithmetic,” Jerry told 60 Minutes.
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