David Letterman’s Top 10 List for Income Traders

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Now, I can’t say with 100% confidence that David Letterman is using these income trading strategies.
Yet with a cool $400 million in the bank, it’s safe to assume that his investment advisors are using these simple income strategies.
How can I be so certain? Because just about EVERY financial advisor at big firms like Morgan Stanley, Merrill Lynch or JP Morgan uses these trades. In fact, I’ve seen their model portfolios.
Now, unless you have a $500k portfolio, these firms aren’t interested in your business.
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Why should you care? Well, here are 10 reasons that you should pay attention to these income trading strategies.
You see, yesterday, I was instant messaging with Andy Crowder.
Here’s a copy of our conversation:

ian 2:45 PM

in your mind, what are the top 10 reasons someone would want to trade covered calls and selling puts?

andy 2:45 PM

top 10 reasons?

ian 2:45 PM

yah. like a top 10 list

david letterman style

andy 2:45 PM

not sure there are 10 reasons, but i can give you a few.

ian 2:46 PM

okay. 10 would be best.

andy 2:46 PM

this is sort of stupid.

ian 2:46 PM

it’s fun! it’s gonna be great.

andy 2:47 PM

ummmm… if you say so.

andy 2:53 PM

here you go.

After a little back and forth, Andy spilled the beans and shared his top 10 reasons that YOU should use these simple income trades.
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#10. Sleep better at night with LOWER VOLATILITY
#9. Easy to learn everything in just 30 days
#8. Collect regular income every 30 to 45 days
#7. CONSISTENT RESULTS: It’s EASY to win 90% to 95% of your trades
#6. Earn 11% to 32% annual returns, EVEN when the market is FLAT
#5. Buy shares of stock at the BEST POSSIBLE price
#4. Earn income from stocks BEFORE buying a single share
#3. Profit from “fearful investors” who are making stupid mistakes
#2. Multiply your dividend checks by 3x, 4x or even 5x
#1. Beat the market, year after year
These are 10 undeniable reasons to start using these income trading strategies TODAY.
If you continue to sit on the sidelines, you’ll continue to miss out.
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Good Investing,
Ian Wyatt

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