Get Your Platforms Ready: Special Live Trade On Wednesday

Last week I talked about the one tool you MUST use when trading options . . . expected move.
The expected move tells you exactly what the market is predicting, in real-time, where a stock will close at a specific time.
Yes, let me repeat, there is an accurate statistical tool out there for everyone to use that tells investors the expected move of a stock or ETF over a given time frame . . . and it is invaluable for those who wish to be successful over the long term.
I went through an older example in Disney last week, but I would like to examine  a few companies that are due to announce earnings this week . . . and how I plan on trading them.
The first company is Home Depot (HD).
Now, I really don’t care about the fundamentals of the company. This might sound strange to some, but remember, I’m a quantitative trader, I trade based on the numbers in front of me. I do not guess where I think a stock is headed, particularly after an earnings announcement.
Home Dept is due to announce on next Tuesday before the open, so I plan to place the trade on Monday before the market closes.
Now, as you can see below, highlighted in the brownish vertical bar, HD has an expected move or range from 272.5 to 292.5, a range of 20 points.
Having this information allows me to make an informed decision on what type of trade I wish to place. As I stated before, the expected move is invaluable to my trading success.
Another example and one that I plan on discussing in my upcoming webinar on Wednesday is Nvidia (NVDA).
Unfortunately, NVDA’s expected range is so large that it extends outside of the purview of my trading screen. The range extends from just over 550 to 635, a range of 85 points.
The question is, how will I trade such a large range? There are numerous strategies that we can use, but I have a few particular choices in mind . . . and I intend on sharing the strategies and the actual trade, live in my upcoming webinar on Wednesday.
If you wish to trade alongside me or just learn how I use the expected move with my strategies, click here to reserve your seat in my webinar on Wednesday at 12 noon EST. I plan not only on making a trade on NVDA, but there is a good chance I will be going over one or two other trades as well.
I hope to see you all there. Get your platforms ready!

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