The Most Misunderstood (and Profitable) Investment Available to Self-Directed Investors

I’m frustrated!


Because so many investors choose to ignore THE best opportunities to grow wealth. They prefer to take the easy way out by listening to what “The Street” has to say. Or they dump money into a retirement account, only to reap minimal, if any, gains.

Investors would prefer to listen to an industry that inherently has a conflict of interest, yet they complain when their investment accounts continue to struggle. It’s puzzling.

This Thursday at 1:00 EST, I want you to listen to me. So please join me in what will be an enlightening and sincere conversation about some of the best opportunities that the stock market has to offer.

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Better yet, I want to teach you how to take your investment assumptions and implement a strategy with a statistical advantage.  Or, as professionals like to say, a high probability of success.

To many of you this will be a new concept … but only because the major financial media continues to push buy and hold. Remember, they rely on advertising to keep their businesses going, so it’s in their best interest to keep promoting the giants of the industry – even though the giants offer very little in the way of sound investment advice. Buy and hold is their motto. Yet they can’t outperform the market over the long term. And they don’t care. 

You should care.

My only interest is to show you, the self-directed investor, how to invest a small portion of your portfolio using statistics – not guesses from Wall Street analysts. How have they served you so far? Yes, they can make you money in a bull market.  But just about anyone can do that, even monkeys

So on Thursday, May 3 at 1:00 p.m. EST I will discuss how I approach the market in a live chat we’re calling, “How To Collect 15% Income Payments From Stock Market Insurance.” I’ll share the strategies I use in great detail and give away a trade or two in the process. As self-directed investors, we need to employ the strategies REAL professionals use instead of going with the strategies force-fed by institutions with conflicts of interest.

Invest with a Statistical Edge

Do you think about probabilities on each and every investment/trade you make? You should.

A football analyst can tell you the probability that a team scores after entering the red zone. Baseball analysts will tell you with certainty the percentage of times a catcher throws a runner out at second base.

Why? Because these probabilities matter and they are easy to figure out. They simply look at the data that is presented to them.

So why is it that when I read a research report from a financial analyst, they can't simply tell me the likelihood that a stock will meet their expected price targets?

Instead, the actual "pros" in the stock-picking business give you a price target, without the probability that the target will actually be reached. That's amazing to me.

The analysis coming out of Wall Street's best has nothing to do with the actual likelihood of success! Wall Street analysts are little better than Vegas bookies.

I'm simply not interested in analyst estimates. And if you want to make money in the markets, I think you'd be best advised to ignore them too. That's because, in my opinion, a price target is just a guess. And I'm not interested in guesses.

I want to hear the that the statistical chance of the stock going to $19.00 is X%, the chance of the stock going to $19.00 in three months is Y% or a stock moving lower over the course of the next year is Z%.  

Confused? Let me explain all the details in my free upcoming webinar. After I do you will never look at an analyst's price target the same way again.

Andy Crowder

Editor and Chief Options Strategist

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