VIDEO: What You Should Do If You Missed the Rally of 2012

The S&P 500 continues to motor higher. The benchmark U.S. stock index is improbably up about 8% in the first six weeks of 2012. But with the lingering debt crisis in Europe and ongoing financial struggles here in the U.S., an end to this remarkable rally seems imminent.

But that doesn't mean investors should go into hibernation for the rest of the winter. Even if you missed out on the recent rally, you can still generate short-term profits by doing one simple task: listening to stock advice from our own Jason Cimpl.

More than 200 of you did just that during Wednesday's live chat event: "What You Should Do If You Missed the Rally of 2012." During the hour-long session, Jason answered questions from our listeners and hosted a "lightning round" in which he analyzed the future prospects of specific stocks our listeners requested.

Jason is a research analyst here at Wyatt Investment Research who focuses on technical analysis and active trading. As editor of our TradeMaster Daily Stock Alerts premium trading service, Jason has earned his subscribers hefty gains of 105% in 24 days, 57% in 34 days and 50% in 17 days.

The full recording of Jason's live chat event is featured below. This is the first of many live chat events that Jason plans to host in the coming months. Check back with the Wyatt Investment Research website regularly for updates on future live chat events.


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