Incredible Investment Opportunity for 12-18 Months

We have an incredible opportunity in front of us related to volatility.volatility
It’s an opportunity to not only protect our wealth, but to actually grow our wealth.
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I know, it’s a strange concept when most investors are fearful and losing money, but it is in times like these that offer the best opportunities for wealth building. It’s a fact.
The last time we saw heightened levels in volatility was 2018. I was able to make over 700% in profits.
Let me explain.
When fear is palpable, volatility rises rapidly.
Just look at how volatility has popped, as seen through the VIX, since late February.
Again, most investors find the volatility seen above as discouraging. But, instead of being fearful, we welcome volatility with open arms. Embrace it! Look forward to it!
Because opportunities are plentiful . . . opportunities to protect our wealth while at the same time make outsized profits.
Take, for instance, a trade I placed on Wednesday.
I placed a simple trade in SPY using a strategy I’ve been successful with for years.
During normal levels of volatility, it’s a high-probability strategy that offers me returns of roughly 15% to 25%.
But now, given the heightened levels of volatility, I have the ability to not only increase my probabilities by a significant amount, but I’m also able to bring in greater returns . . . returns of 31.6%, if not higher.
Why? Volatility.
Just look at how much volatility has altered the market…for the better.
Just a few months ago, when it was at normal levels, we placed a trade. The probability on our trade was 85.43% (circled in red) and the premium or income was $88 per contract.
Now look at the trade we placed on Wednesday. Our probability is 93.61% and we are able to bring in roughly $1.40 per contract.
That’s significant!!!
We have a greater probability on the trade, plus we have the ability to make significantly more per trade. Go here to see how.
Best of all, two days later and we can take profits of over 20% and remember, this is while most investors are losing money.
I can’t express enough how important it is to diversify your overall portfolio by using a wide variety of strategies . . . strategies exposed to bull, bear and sideways markets. This strategy allows you to benefit from all market environments as long as this factor is at normal to heightened levels.
In a year that most investors are suffering, our strategy is profitable.
Please take the time to learn how the strategy works at my upcoming event. (Click here to register FREE.) I will go through several trades and even have a trade or two that you can act on if you wish. We need to start thinking differently as investors. Be proactive with how you invest your hard-earned money. Don’t set it and forget it.
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