How We’ve Made 150% in 2020 Using This Strategy

Are you making money in this market? If not, are you at least protecting your wealth in this market? I mean, come on, we’ve seen a historic bull run over the past decade, so surely you started to protect those hard-earned profit, right? If not, now is the time. Yes, now! Don’t put it off any further. Protect your hard-earned wealth. As I say time and time again, you will buy insurance on cars, homes, life and even some trivial items . . . yet how many of you can actually say that you protect your wealth by using appropriate investment strategies? These are strategies that professionals use . . . strategies that hedge funds were founded on. Since the decline truly began back on Feb. 21,  most of you have lost anywhere from 20% to 35%, if not more. Why? It doesn’t have to be that way. Just look at the returns below. This is how my subscribers have been doing since the decline began. volatility I’ve placed ten trades since the drop started and thankfully every single trade has been successful, with a cumulative return of just under 150%. That’s 15% per trade. And the trades are not based on bullish or bearish markets. They are based on volatility. And what the talking heads aren’t telling you is that we now have the opportunity to take advantage of a new bull market . . . a bull market in volatility. I spoke about the opportunity in volatility last week, but I want to reemphasize the opportunity because I don’t want you to let this one pass you by. Plus, you NEED to begin thinking about how to appropriately protect your hard-earned wealth by allowing yourself to profit in what most investors find to be challenging markets. Again, look no further than the returns above to see how we have fared. In fact, the last time this type of opportunity occurred was 2018 . . . and we had the good fortune to reap 704.7% in profits. Volatility came roaring back from the historically low levels that lasted throughout most of 2017.
The low volatility seen throughout 2017 meant that investors were not fearful about the future prospects of the market.  At that point, volatility, as seen through the VIX, had not hit levels that low since early 2007. And look what happened to volatility in 2007 . . . more importantly notice how long volatility stayed above normal levels: five years. That means volatility experienced a five-year bull run and we profited as a result. Click here to see how volatility can put big profits into your account.
And, if that’s not enough evidence, just look at 1996 when volatility hit historic lows only to rise abruptly and hold above normal levels . . . this time for almost eight years. Again, another bull market in volatility and tremendous opportunity.
Today, options sellers have another huge opportunity to exploit the next bull market in volatility. There is no denying that volatility is back, and while most investors are fearful – and more importantly, losing money – options sellers, using risk-defined strategies, are confident and making money. In 2018, most investors lost money. We made tremendous gains. As I have pointed out in the charts above, we’ve seen two other instances over the last 20 years where volatility hit all-time lows only to rally for the next five to eight years. If history repeats itself, we could be in the early stages of an incredible opportunity for options sellers. So far, in 2020, since the pullback began, most investors have lost 25% to 35%, potentially more. Meanwhile, we have locked in 149.9%, still well below the 704.7% gains we saw in 2018.  But hey, we still have eight months left in one of THE BEST market environments for using our strategies. If you wish to learn more about how to take full advantage of the current market environment and more importantly how to grow and protect your wealth during challenging times, please click here.
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