Coronavirus Recovery: What Happens Next

Ian Wyatt is the President of Wyatt Investment Research. He has been helping regular investors uncover hidden growth opportunities by beating the market and finding great investments at attractive prices. Ian has been actively investing in the stock market for the past 30 years. He’s also spent more than 20 years publishing his investment ideas online to help fellow investors benefit from his successes and failures.

Ian Wyatt is also the host of the Daily Profit Podcast.

Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • Ian discusses the status of the coronavirus outbreak in USA
  • What the end of re-opening of China could mean for the world
  • Ian compares the lockdown strategies China with USA’s quarantine strategies 
  • Ian explains what he means by the 90-Day Depression
  • What are V-shaped, U-shaped, and I-shaped recoveries and what the USA is likely to experience
  • How the coronavirus outbreak has affected various sectors of the US economy and the possibility of a debt crisis in the US in 2021
  • Effects of bonds being downgraded to junk bond status and why most corporations had borrowed a lot of money
  • The current US stock market trajectory, the 3 stages that leads to a market decline, and the key areas to watch out for in the stock market
  • Could the debt crisis cause a major, long-term depression?
  • Which sectors that will do well, which ones are in danger, and which sectors are in Ian’s Buy List
  • Ian discusses what might be in store for Apple and Microsoft stocks, the 5G market, PayPal, cryptocurrencies, and the cannabis industry

In this episode…

The coronavirus outbreak continues to unfold in different ways throughout the world. And while some economies are starting to report a decline in the number of infections and deaths, others continue to struggle with the containment of the virus and all the effects it brings with it from wreaking havoc into healthcare systems to economic slowdowns.

But in the US, the outlook isn’t looking too promising with the possibility of an impending debt crisis, a 90-day depression, and some sore hits in the stock market. So how can an economy as big as the US recover?

Join Ian Wyatt as he hosts a webinar at Wyatt Investment Research where he discusses the current status of the US from the health sector to the stock market, what an opening Chinese economy could mean for the world, which sectors will be hardest hit by the end of this ordeal, and the kind of recovery the US needs to bounce back. Stay tuned.

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