Outbreak Sparks Crash in Oil

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Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn: 

  • The changes in oil prices since 1946
  • What’s causing the dip in oil prices the past few months and why this is beyond the control of world governments
  • Effects of the Saudi Arabia and Russia fight over oil production in March
  • The role of the energy sector in providing various employment opportunities in the US
  • The benefits of the US being energy independent and how it came to be
  • The economic outlook of the oil and energy sector at different prices and the potential for bankruptcies
  • Why airlines aren’t buying jet fuel in mass quantities given the current prices
  • Effects of the oil crash and bankruptcies on the banking system and other sectors of the economy
  • Why is the US importing oil even when it’s energy independent?
  • What it looks like to invest in the energy sector and in the United States Oil Fund (USO/ETF)
  • Ian shares a list of risky stocks, safe investments in the oil and gas sector, and companies on his bargain watchlist
  • Ian answers questions about investing in retail chains, Tesla, Shopify, gold stocks, Netflix, the solar industry, drug companies like Johnson and Johnson, AT&T, 5G stocks, Disney, and Apple

In this episode…

As effects of the COVID-19 crisis continue to persist in the US and throughout the world, the plunge in oil prices doesn’t go unnoticed. There has been a lot of downward movement in oil stocks for the last couple of months and this is expected to continue for the next little while, or at least, until the health crisis that the world is in comes to an end.

In light of this, some investors have been buying oil and energy stocks in anticipation of good returns. However, Ian Wyatt suggests heeding caution in buying stocks in these sectors because while some stocks are expected to bounce back, there are those who won’t be as lucky and would probably end up filing for bankruptcy. So what should you, as an investor, research on to ensure that your money gets to the right places?

In this episode of the Daily Profit Show, Ian Wyatt talks about how the COVD-19 pandemic has impacted the oil and energy sector and how the future looks like for these sectors. He dives deep into the fluctuation of prices in crude over the past months, why these changes are beyond the control of the Federal Reserve and the US government, and how the continuing downward slope can affect the US economy despite it being energy independent. Stay tuned.

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