Wyatt Research Week-in-Review: December 1-6

Oil dominates the financial headlines these days.
Crude oil prices have plummeted to a five-year low, to the chagrin of energy investors and to the great joy of anyone who drives a car or heats their home with oil. Low gas prices are good for holiday shopping, not so good if you own shares of Exxon (NYSE: XOM) or Chevron (NYSE: CVX).
But there are ways investors can capitalize on this low oil-price environment. Our analysts dug deep this week to uncover some of those energy bargains.
Marshall Hargrave detailed “Five High-Yield Energy Stocks That Are Worth the Risk” despite low oil prices. Ian Wyatt wrote about a brewing oil “war” between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia. Jay Taylor dug into a Federal Reserve report claiming that America’s energy boom is still on track.
But while energy stocks and oil prices are low, the rest of the market keeps chugging along. The S&P 500 closed the week at yet another record high. The index is now up 12.5% year-to-date, with a few weeks of holiday shopping still to go.
It’s a good time to be invested. As always, that gave us plenty to write about. Here’s a sampling of what was on our analysts’ minds this week at Wyatt Investment Research.
Seven Good Reasons to Invest in Dividend StocksThere are plenty of obvious reasons to invest in dividend stocks. Here are seven that might surprise you.
Small Caps Look to Break Through Resistance– For small caps to bounce back in 2015, the S&P 600 needs to break through a key resistance point.
Five High-Yield Energy Stocks That Are Worth the Risk– A drop in oil prices from $115 to under $80 in six months is monumental. Investors are dumping anything oil related. But have they thrown the baby out with the bath water?
For 41 years the U.S. government held this from the world… – But with global demand heating up so much it finally relented – giving one American company permission to dominate this surging market. One analytics firm calls it “an opportunity that’s only just beginning to be recognized.” You’ll call it a no-brainer.
What Weak Black Friday Sales Mean for Retail StocksBlack Friday sales fell well short of expectations. But that doesn’t mean you should go selling off all of your retail stocks just yet.
Why Procter & Gamble Is the World’s Best Dividend StockThere aren’t many legacy stocks out there. Stocks that build wealth year after year, decade after decade. The Procter & Gamble Company (NYSE: PG) is arguably the last of the legacy stocks.
A Weekly Options Strategy that Makes 17.6% in 11 Days– Twelve days ago I presented a webinar focused entirely on my unique approach to bringing in income on a weekly basis using, yes, weekly options. The following is a very good example of how I use “Weeklies.”
The Oil War of 2014: U.S. vs. Saudi Arabia– The Saudis think cheap oil will slow U.S. energy production. Here’s why they’re wrong.
Four Restaurant Stocks That Need An Activist InterventionMany investors are still overlooking a sector that is one of the hottest areas of activism. Here are four stocks to watch that could draw such attention. 
Gold at a Crossroads. What’s the Play?– Gold prices have reached a critical support level. If it breaks higher, here are three good ways to play it.
Thanks for spending time with us this holiday weekend. We look forward to helping you get ever closer to your investment goals next week.

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