Wyatt Research Week-in-Review: January 18-January 24

One question is on the mind of every investor: what’s ahead for crude oil and energy prices?
It’s a simple question that’s difficult to answer. Of course, everyone here at Wyatt Investment Research has an opinion.
Some of our analysts and advisors expect oil will rebound quickly…heading back to $60 or $80 per barrel. They’re more than happy to “buy the dip” and add exposure to the energy sector.
Others of us – myself included – think the decline in oil prices will continue. I think its possible that oil will fall to $23 per barrel – a huge drop from the current price.
You might find that confusing. However, I encourage our contributors to conduct their own research and to share their opinions. Often, we’re in complete agreement. Occasionally, we have diverse views and outlooks. Oil is clearly one of those topics.
Of course, oil wasn’t the only major investment news this week. As always, our team was closely following the markets and the start of earnings season.
Below are some of the top stories this week. For our full coverage, visit www.wyattresearch.com.
3 Enticing MLPs to Play the Oil Selloff – The yields that MLPs offer have been attractive for several years now. And with the crash in oil prices, many of these yields have become too enticing to ignore. Discover several top picks, offering dividend yields of 4.0%, 4.3%, and 5.8%.
Stock Trade Recommendation: Buy Apple (AAPL) – Apple shares are positioned to jump in the company weeks, according to this chart analysis from Rick Pendergraft.
The Simple Case for a Quick Oil Recovery – Oil is heading for a quick rebound, according to our income investing expert Steve Mauzy. He likes the opportunities so much, he’s adding exposure to the energy patch.
Top 3 “Hedge Funds” to Buy Today (You Don’t Need to Be Rich) – Hedge funds are off limits to most investors. But there are a select few investment funds that use the same tactics of the best hedge funds in the world. And they’re accessible to every investor. Learn the names of our top 3 picks.
Time to Buy Europe, Thanks to Cheap Oil – The 50% crash for crude oil is moving markets around the world. Learn how the European economies benefit from the drop in energy prices. Plus, our globe-trotting investment analyst offers up three specific stock recommendations.
$23 Oil – Bargain hunters are buying up oil, even after its 60% drop. Discover why that’s a risky investment. Plus, learn why oil could continue dropping…potentially as low as $23 per barrel. If you’re “long” oil, you won’t want to read this.
The Secrets of Big Bank Earnings – Earnings reports from the nation’s top banks tell us a lot about the health of the American consumer and U.S. economy. After combing through the filings, we’ve uncovered three important trends.
Portfolio Strategy: How to Make a Long-Term Oil Investment – You don’t need to be a trader or short-term investor to buy oil today. In fact, astute investors are positing their portfolios and adding exposure right now. Here is some simple and sound advice for the long-term investor.
China’s Economy is Crumbling – GDP growth of 7.4% is great for most countries. But for China, that’s unimpressive. Compared with last year, that marks a decent decline. Discover what it means for your portfolio – even if you don’t own Chinese stocks.

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