Wyatt Research Week-in-Review: January 25-31

With earnings season underway, it’s been a busy week in the markets. Our team of journalists and analysts were busy covering the latest earnings from Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Ford, and McDonald’s.
Looking forward to the weekend, I’m excited for Sunday’s Super Bowl XLIX. Living in Vermont, I’m squarely in New England Patriots country. Yet my wife is from Seattle. So we’ll definitely be sitting at opposite ends of the couch…and rooting for different teams this Sunday.
One of my colleagues wrote an article on Super Bowl Stocks: Dunkin’ Donuts vs. Starbucks. Dunkin’ Donuts hails from Boston, while Starbucks was founded in Seattle. The team at Wyatt Investment Research isn’t skilled when it comes to sports betting. But we know a thing or two about analyzing stocks. Discover which one we think is the better of the stocks.
Plus, you’ll enjoy some fun facts and astounding numbers about this year’s Super Bowl. Click here for The Economics of the Super Bowl.
While you’re enjoying your Saturday morning coffee, I hope you’ll catch-up on the highlights from the week. Every day we’re publishing more news and analysts of stocks and the markets.
Apple Reports the Biggest Profit…EVER – Apple crushed estimates by selling 75 million iPhones last quarter. That helped fuel $18 billion in profits – the highest profits ever earned…by any company…ever. Those results sent Apple shares to an all time high of $120. Get the full story on the earnings.
Yahoo! Reveals Plans for Abilaba – CEO Marissa Mayer finally announced plans for the company’s $40 billion stake in China e-commerce company Alibaba. Learn what’s next for Yahoo! and why investors love the decision.
Red Hot Emerging Market Soars 47% – The U.S. has been grabbing headlines as the best and safest place to invest. But a select few emerging markets have been handing investors massive gains. Do you know the #1 top performing market in the world? Click here for the answer.
Dividend Profit Alert: Collect a 600% Return – Buying and holding dividend stocks may sound boring. But it’s the surest way to build wealth over the long run. Discover how a $1,668 investment in one telecom stock could hand you $11,326 in dividends in the next 30 years.
Bond King Bill Gross Invests $700 Million – Should You Join Him? – After leaving Pimco last year, Bill Gross joined a little known mutual fund company. He’s since launched a fund, and invested nearly 1/3 of his personal wealth. With one of the best bond investors making a big bet, should you follow suit?
Amazon Earnings: $165 Billion Company Isn’t Profitable – Growth investors love AMZN stock. Value investors can’t understand why anyone would buy shares. After another money losing year, Amazon shares jump 15%. Get the inside scoop on the earnings report.
10.1% Dividend Stock Could Jump 50% – It’s the holy grail of successful investing. Collect a healthy income, plus bank big capital gains. One company is rewarding shareholders today with a juicy +10% dividend yield. Shares look cheap and could rise considerably in 2015. Click here to get the company’s name.
FedEx vs. UPS – With crude oil crash – and gas prices plunging – shipping companies including FedEx and UPS will be saving lots of money. Both companies are thriving, thanks to growth in e-commerce. Which is the better company, and superior investment? Learn the answer here.
McDonald’s CEO: You’re Fired! – Investors have loved McDonalds due to its healthy and growing dividend. But with increased competition – and shrinking sales – the future looks uncertain. Discover what’s next for this stock.

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