Wyatt Research Week-in-Review: March 1-7

Good morning! It’s been a crazy and busy week with the Nasdaq soaring past 5,000, Warren Buffett releasing the annual Berkshire Hathaway shareholder letter and Apple CEO Tim Cook preparing for the release of the Apple Watch.
I’ve been an Apple investor for years. I know that many of our readers also love Apple products … and the stock.
The Apple Watch will be unveiled on Monday, March 9. It’s reasonable to think that Apple will sell more than $20 billion Watches next year. This will really boost earnings for Apple, and open up a brand new product category.
If that’s not enough, remember that the Apple iCar is in development. This exciting product could far eclipse the Watch, and help send the Apple market cap above $1 trillion.
There is a unique opportunity for investors to profit from the Apple Watch. To get all the details on this unique opportunity, just click here now.
Our advisors and writers have been busy covering all the mort important stories. There are lots of additional great investment ideas and analysis available through our website at www.wyattresearch.com. Here are some of my favorite stories from the week:
Biggest Apple News Since Steve Jobs Died – On Monday, Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) CEO Tim Cook will take the stage in San Francisco. He’ll be launching the biggest Apple product launch since the iPad. Discover what this event means for Apple stock (click here).
Two Billionaires Are Buying One Oil Stock – Two talented, billionaire investors are buying an oil stock. But they’re not buying the big, fully integrated oil companies like ExxonMobil (NYSE: XOM) and ConocoPhillips (NYSE: COP). Instead, they’re buying up shares of an oil refiner. Get the name here.
Nasdaq 5,000: Why This Time Is Different – Tech stocks are soaring, and so is the Nasdaq Composite. The tech stock index has finally rebounded above the 5,000 mark. After a strong performance, discover what’s next for tech stocks.
Apple’s Biggest Secret Can Make You Rich: Act Before March 9 – Analysts expect Apple to sell $20 billion of Apple Watches next year. The tech giant will boost sales 10% and earn another fortune from the Watch. One secret Apple supplier stands to earn big bucks from this new product. Get all the details by clicking here.
Buffett’s Biggest Dividend Payers – Warren Buffett loves dividend stocks. His Berkshire Hathaway owns dozens of companies. Discover his top three dividend stock holdings – stocks that you may want to buy too.
3 Stocks to Play the Wearable Technology Market – Apple will take the spotlight when it formally introduces the Apple Watch. But don’t overlook the behind-the-scenes wearable tech stocks. Get the names of 3 top picks.
Warren Buffett’s Secret Sauce – Last week Buffett released his annual shareholder’s letter. Don’t worry if you didn’t read all 42 pages … read this to get the full story.
This Retailer Will Sell Millions of the Apple Watch – Of course, Apple will earn the lion’s share of the profits from the Apple Watch. But one electronics retailer stands to make a killing on the Watch. Get the company’s name here.
3 Reasons Warren Buffett Loves Vanguard Index Funds –  Warren Buffett is famously cheap and he loves U.S. stocks. His advice for most investors: buy index funds. Discover why he loves Vanguard.
How to Profit from the FCC and Net Neutrality – Net neutrality is here, for now. But instead of debating whether it’s right or wrong, take advantage of the current opportunity to invest for the long term.
Why You Need to Own Dividend Stocks – Dividend stocks may sound boring … but they’re key to building wealth over the long term. If you’re investing for the next 10-plus years, you need to own a diversified portfolio of the best dividend stocks.
Have a great weekend!

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