Wyatt Research Week-in-Review: November 2-8

This week brought major changes on Capitol Hill. Fortunately, little changed on Wall Street.
Republicans took the midterm elections by storm, and now control both houses of Congress – authoritatively wresting control of the Senate from the Democrats. It was a major sea change in Washington. But it has had little impact on stocks thus far. And that’s a good thing.
The S&P 500 entered the week at all-time highs. It closed the week at new all-time highs. That’s the same trajectory stocks have been on for nearly a month.
After a brief but scary hiccup in the first half of October, U.S. stocks have bounced back with a vengeance, rising higher than ever before. The rally never ended. It was just on pause. It was a close call, but we’ve still gone more than three-and-a-half years without a correction of 10% or more.
Republicans. Democrats. It doesn’t matter who’s in charge. Either way, the stock market continues to chug along. And that gave our analysts plenty of fodder at Wyatt Investment Research this week.
The “next” baby boom. Mobile payments stocks. Oil producers. Auto dealers. Deep-value Russian stocks. All of it was fair game for our experts.
Here’s what else was on our mind in yet another record week for U.S. stocks:
The Best Mobile Payment Stocks to Buy Today– The mobile payments business has attracted lots of attention in recent weeks.  That has many growth investors wanting to know the best way to invest in mobile payment stocks.
Look to Russia for Deep-Value IncomeSome of the most enticing values are found in one of the least-liked markets. 
Three Stocks to Profit from the Next Baby BoomWith the market heavily focused on aging population, it’s missing an even bigger opportunity in the coming baby boom.
Q3 Earnings Triggered Market Turnaround– A month ago, stocks appeared destined for a serious correction. This morning, they opened at new all-time highs. What changed? Earnings season started.
Become a Real Estate Mogul – Without the Real Estate-We’ve uncovered a way to earn steady, monthly income through rental properties WITHOUT being a landlord. If this sounds good to you, please read our research brief that explains how to collect your first “rent check” on Nov. 13.
This U.S. Oil Producer Is Skirting U.S. Export Laws– One diversified resource company is bypassing U.S. export laws … with no repercussions. It’s the latest sign that barriers to U.S. crude oil exports are falling fast.
Collect a 9.7% Yield with StoneMor StockDeath doesn’t take a holiday, and neither does this high-yield dividend growth stock.
When Will Interest Rates Rise? Not Even the Fed Knows– It’s useless to guess the Fed’s interest rate plans. Here’s why you should hang onto those dividend stocks.
The Best Auto Dealer Ever Needs To Be In Your Portfolio– AutoNation remains the premier seller of cars in a great environment for car sales.
The Best Large Cap to Play the Connected Home– A company that just came out with the latest iteration of the thermostat is at the forefront of several housing growth trends.
VIDEO: Common Options Trading MistakesOur videographer Finn Yarbrough has made some common options trading mistakes in recent days. Our resident options guru Andy Crowder explains what Finn did wrong.
Thanks for spending time with us this week. We look forward to helping you get ever closer to your investment goals next week.

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