Pre-IPO Market: How to Invest in the Best Tech Companies

Right now, there are exactly 100 tech startups valued at more than $1 billion. Many are preparing for an initial public offering within the next year. And those IPOs could turn founders, employees and early investors into multi-millionaires.
This select group of companies includes Airbnb Uber, Snapchat and Pinterest. The best venture capital firms in Silicon Valley are financing them, with many raising more than $1 billion of equity even before their IPOs.
I like to describe these companies as “pre-IPO.” Back in the 1990s, all of these companies would have already gone public. But with lots of private capital available, these companies are able to stay private for many years.

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The National Venture Capital Association confirmed that this is the case. Between 2000 and 2013, the amount of time between the first round of venture capital financing and a company’s IPO doubled.
Slow economic growth around the world makes these growth companies even more attractive. That’s why Wall Street insiders – including hedge funds and mutual funds – are starting to get in on the action.
But if you’re like most investors, you’re being shut out of this huge growth market. In fact, our research shows that it’s illegal for 97% of Americans to invest in the sector.
That’s because U.S. securities laws require that investors be “accredited” to invest in these non-public companies. Accreditation requires that a person have a liquid net worth of $1 million or annual income of $200,000 (or $300,000 for married couples).
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Only the richest 3% of Americans meet this requirement today. But far fewer actually choose to participate in this growth opportunity.
Our research and estimates show that only 300,000 people – and 500 investment firms – actually invest in privately held companies. Put another way, only one of every 1,063 Americans is actively participating in the best profit opportunities.

It’s 100% Unfair

Frankly, I think this is absolutely wrong. How could it be fair that the best growth opportunities are reserved for the richest Americans and elite venture capital firms and hedge funds? Why isn’t the average investor given access to the same opportunities?
That’s why I spent the last few months researching the fastest growing and most promising technology startups. While it’s much harder to research these companies, I’ve discovered some amazing things.
For example, investors in ride-sharing company Uber have made 1,077% returns in just two years. And Snapchat investors have done far better, making a 245-fold return on their investment in just two years. That’s enough to turn a $10,000 investment into $2.45 million.
If you’re just buying stocks, mutual funds and ETFs, you’re missing out on this huge growth sector and these big profits. And I’d like to help change that.
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